There’s something about a book that’s so funny that makes you literally laugh out loud! There are a few where I’ve laughed so hard that I scared my dog or made my husband question my sanity! As much as I love hard hitting emotional reads, books that make me laugh are such a palette cleanser and make me feel happy! I’m so excited to talk about these so let’s get into it!!

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This book had me laughing so hard that I was crying. Not like tiny laughing tears either. It was full on streams coming down my face. My husband actually asked what the hell I was doing. I think the reason why I found this book so funny was that I related way too much to everything. I also have high anxiety and the way I fight it is through laughing and humour


HOUNDED by Kevin Hearne

I only just finished this book last night and, while I was reading yesterday, my son kept asking if I was watching funny videos. I kept telling him that I was just reading a book and there was a really funny dog. He wanted to know why the dog was so funny but, for the most part, the dog was not rated for 8 year old ears. Oberon was hands down the best part of this book! Especially his obsession with sausages and french poodles…. I’ll leave it at that!


THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

OMG this book was hilarious! I never thought that a guy stranded on Mars would be so funny. I know that if I was stranded on Mars I would be utterly helpless and depressing. But Mark Watney was able to take every little thing and make it funny and inappropriate as all hell! It was great!!! Too bad the movie missed all of these parts!!

At the stroke of midnight


This book made me shoot snot and coffee out of my nose. Not once, but multiple times!!! The book itself was funny, and the situations that the characters found themselves in, but it was Ariel (yes, this is a disney princess retelling!) that made me laugh the most. She had no verbal filter – AT ALL! She said what she thought, regardless of the consequences, and it was always crude, vulgar, and dirty! She was my favourite!

My lady Jane

MY LADY JANE by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

This is the most unexpected book on the list. I didn’t know that a historical fiction about the Tudor Dynasty could be so funny! It’s mainly the narrator that pops in here and there that was the funniest! I just never knew what weird thing was going to happen next, and I never knew what the narrator was going to explain next. The next book, My Plain Jane, was just as funny!

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I know that there are many more that made me laugh, but these are the ones that stuck out most in my mind. What books made you laugh?? I’d love to know! My TBR is in dire need of books like this!

Until next time, happy reading!