A character driven book can be described as a book where the characters self or growth takes precedence over the plot. The difference is that a plot driven book takes a character to a time/place, through actions, for an end result. Books that seem to be more directed towards characters spend a little more time focusing on the people, their lives, their decisions, and so on. There isn’t anything really defining what a character driven book is, so it may be different for everyone. Either way, here are 5 of the books that I’ve read (and loved) where the characters took centre stage!

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The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

This one draws a thin line between character and plot driven. The plot itself is quite expansive, and takes many twists and turns, but it’s the characters and their relationships that made this book what it was. We have human and alien species, all living together. They learn their personalities and differences and find a way to coincide. It was a truly beautiful novel of understanding, connections, acceptance, friendship, and love! I loved the characters so much that I actually broke my review down to the characters themselves! For that review, CLICK HERE

The hearts invisible furies

The Heart’s Invisible Furies

I know I just reviewed this one yesterday, but I HAD to add it to my list! This book follows a man from birth until death, and includes everything that made him who he was. It was one of the most stunning accounts of a mans life and all his heartbreak and joy. I know a lot of you have read this one already so you’ll know why I added this one to the list. I just can’t get this book out of my mind!! CLICK HERE for my review

The space between the stars

The Space Between the Stars

This one caught me off guard by how character drive it was. The plot itself was quite action packed. A lot of crazy things happened in both space and earth. Things are falling apart while the remaining people on earth try to put everything back together again. But everything that happened in this book was decided on by the characters that we meet. They’re all faced with a decision on where to go next and what to do next. Some make their choices based on their hearts desires while others decide to do what they think is right. It’s hard to decide if they’re making the right decisions. I strongly remember the emotions I felt from all the characters and it was a rollercoaster! CLICK HERE for my full review.

Good morning midnight

Good Morning Midnight

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read this one, but it was so strongly character driven that it hasn’t been able to leave my mind. There are two main characters in this book. An older man who is trapped in the arctic all alone, and a young woman in space. As you’re reading, their isolation and loneliness is felt in your very core as they look back on their lives up to that point and wonder. The old man wasn’t the most likeable person, but in the end I can only feel pity and a sort of closeness for him. This book is also about connections where you didn’t know there were any.  CLICK HERE for the full review.

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This one is also a fine line between plot and character driven. Once I sat and thought about it though, it’s the characters lives and decisions that choose the course of the plot. And my god this book was incredible! I thought that I would hate anything about a hollywood star, but in the end, Evelyn Hugo made an irreversible stamp on my heart. Each and every one of these characters plays a part in the direction of this novel. It was an absolute joy to follow Evelyn from the time she was young until the time of her death. This is one of my all time favourite reads! CLICK HERE for my full review.




All of these books have the same things in common. Great characters with depth and dimension, and they all left an emotional mark on my heart. I never used to like character driven books but now I love them! I can’t wait to see what makes the participants lists! What’s your favourite character driven book?

Until next time, happy reading!