First Impression Friday #6

The one good thing about taking a week off from the blog? It didn’t take so long for the next first Impression Friday! If you haven’t seen this meme before, it was created by Joe over at JW Martin – Stories of Storeys. He does this on a weekly basis but I chose to do it Bi-weekly. Every other Friday I tell you my first impression of a book based on the first 1-2 chapters (Depending on the chapter length) and I compare my initial thoughts with how I thought of it in the end. I’ve read a lot over the last 2 weeks (6 books in this post to be exact!) so I’ll just get to it!

My Plain Jane

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – After reading this first chapter I KNEW that I was going to rate it 5 stars! It felt like coming home almost. Yes, it was a different setting and characters from My Lady Jane, but it was the same quirky and funny writing style that I missed. I was immediately invested and wanted to know what adventure I was going to go on! I guessed that I would rate this 5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Of course I was right! I loved it SO much! The “narrator” was hilarious, the characters were well developed, and it was one heck of a weird and paranormal ride. I loved the ghostly aspects and couldn’t get enough of the characters!

Saga Vol 8

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Well this was a difficult one. For some reason I felt really disconnected with it. I had reread volume 7 only an hour before picking this one up, and I expected that it would be a smooth transition into this one. But for some reason I just couldn’t get into it right away. Sometimes that happens with these though. It starts off slow and then I’m dying for more in the end. So I guessed that I would rate this 4-4.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – sadly, it never really picked up for me (despite the rainbow zebra) and I rated it 3 stars. I really don’t know why but this was my least favourite in the series so far. I felt like it was more of a bridge to the next instalment. I started to get invested right towards the end, but it was a little too late for me. It was ok, but not my favourite. My favourite cover so far though!

Save the date

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – After reading the first chapter I was convinced that I was going to fall head over heels for this one! Its about a chaotic wedding where if it could go wrong it does. In fact, in the first chapter something happened that happened at my own wedding (which was also chaos!) – an alarm went off! Sounds like a silly thing to relate to, but I was giddy when I read it. The wedding was at the family house and there was something wrong with the alarm. At my wedding, 5 minutes before I was supposed to “walk down the aisle”, a huge storm blew through, knocked out the power, and set the fire alarm off. This small detail made me think I would relate to it the whole way through. I guessed that I would rate this 5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – I ended up giving this book 3.75 stars. It’s not that it was bad. It was really good actually! Very entertaining, a little more emotional than I thought, and included a lot of great family issues. It’s just that the pacing was off for me. A little slow in some spots, then too fast in others. I expected it to focus a little more on the wedding events but it went into a very family oriented drama. I really did like it though! I will explain more in my full review coming soon!

The loneliest girl in the universe

MY FIRST IMPRESSION – This was a bit of a slow start for me. We know that the main character is in a ship travelling to a new earth. We also know that she’s alone, parents have died, and something tragic happened. But we are left in the dark for a little while, following the main character in her daily life. I knew that it would pick up but the first few chapters were just ok. I guessed that I would rate this 3 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Well ok then…… that took a serious left hand turn! This book was NOTHING like how I thought it would be! I wanted to go into this one not knowing anything at all. I had heard from a few people that it was really great and I didn’t want to influence my opinions. I was absolutely blindsided by the direction of the story! This book was really great! Sad, heartwarming, scary, creepy – all the feels! I read it in one day during a readathon and I think it’s best to read it in one fell swoop. I ended up rating it 4 stars.

Six Stories

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – This one was a bit of a weird start. We are presented with a strange, creepy, and dark atmosphere. We are told that there was a 15 year old boy who goes missing and his body is found a year later. It’s told in the form of a series of 6 podcast episodes and we need to uncover the truth of the mystery. I really liked the atmosphere and could feel that there was something much larger about to happen. I couldn’t wait to find out!! I guessed that I would rate this book 4 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Well I was wrong, but not in the way that I expected. I ended up rating this book 2.5 stars. I actually really enjoyed the writing style and the format. But I’m just not the type of person that appreciated this type of suspense. I need things to keep moving and each chapter I expected things to be revealed – yet I was kept waiting. I also guessed the “who” within the first half of the book so the reveal didn’t shock me. This book did have some really good positives to it though, but I wasn’t the right audience.

A shadow bright and burning

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – This one started off pretty strong! I immediately fell in love with the main character Henrietta. She was a girl living in a tough situation, doing her best to stay strong and survive. But when place in a situation where she could defend herself, he did it in such a strong and fearless way! She was really great! I knew, after reading the first chapter or two, that she was going to be great! And there was also a hint at a larger story happening. I couldn’t wait to read more. I guessed that I would rate this 4.25 stars……

HOW I RATED IT – Close. Actually at one point I had it rated at 4 stars. But after I let the book sit for a couple of days, and I realized that I didn’t remember too much in the way of details, I changed the rating to 3.5. It was ok but I found myself bored a lot. I will go into more detail in my review which will be next week.

There we are! Possibly my longest edition of First Impression Friday EVER! 6 books to  be exact! It would be nice if this amount happened again, but I won’t hold my breath lol! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe consider joining in!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. J.W. Martin says:

    So many books! Are these all from your week off?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think they were all from my hiatus week except for two 🙂

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  2. My Plain Jane is on my TBR so I’m glad you liked it! And yeah, I ended up feeling the same with A Shadow Bright and Burning…I was so excited to pick it up but ended up feeling rather bored with it. Ah well. I look forward to your review 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I hope you like My Plain Jane! If you liked My Lady Jane then this one is pretty much a guarantee 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry to hear about Save the Date. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews for this one, but the pacing is definitely a big thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If it wasn’t for the pacing, it would have been fantastic I think 🙂

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