If you like this then….. #13

It’s time for another recommendation post! Though I’m not sure how many people haven’t read either of these. They’re quite popular and I felt like I was the last one in the world to read Red Rising! These two aren’t entirely the same, but there are enough similarities to them that I know that if you read and enjoyed one, you’ll enjoy the other! So let’s get to it!

The hunger games


First we have The Hunger Games. This one is wildly popular, either because of the books or the movies. There’s some controversy over the adaptation, but I personally love them! The series though – it stole my heart! I read it 8 years ago now. I had surgery where I couldn’t move or lift anything for a week, so I sat in bed and read the entire trilogy in 2 days. It was amazing! I threw myself into the world and didn’t come up for air. I loved the world, the struggles, the uprising, the politics – all of it!

Red rising


Next we have Red Rising, which I only just finished at the end of April, and I was so mad at myself for not reading it sooner! It was a bit of a slow start for me. I wasn’t completely invested in the characters or the story, and it was very predictable to start. But once things got going, I just couldn’t stop! Same thing as The Hunger Games, the politics and the struggles pulled me in. There was a large cast of characters but I found myself so attached to them all! I can’t wait to continue with this series!! You can find my full review here!


  • Separation of the classes of society – In the Hunger Games we have the numbered districts and the Capital. The Capital is the highest and the rulers of society. Then, we have districts 1 to 12, with the rank lowering as the numbers grow. In Red Rising, it’s a colour based system. The Golds are the highest, and the Reds are the lowest. There are many other colours in-between. Another similarity with this system is that the lowest in each (district 12 and the Reds) are the miners. It’s a dangerous job where there are many deaths, so they leave it to the lowest of society.
  • A realization of mistreatment that sparks action/uprising – In both of these books, the lower classes realize that they’re being mistreated and want to take action. They’re tired of being forced to work themselves to death and starving. Action begins to take place to level the playing field for themselves. There’s danger, but they’re willing to risk it for a better life.
  • Survival in a game type situation – Though these games aren’t the same, our characters are placed into a game/challenge situation where they need to fight and survive to win. When they win, they’re given the chance to better themselves individually in their class.
  • Brutality – Both of these books could be quite graphic and brutal – Red Rising was more so. Due to the premise of the books, there’s a lot of physical fighting. There were also awful descriptions of how the lower classes lived and were treated.


I absolutely flew through both of these books. The writing was fantastic and they both put me into an uncomfortable world that was still somehow filled with hope. I know for a fact that if you liked one of these then you’ll like the other!

Until next time, happy reading!


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  1. Great choice!! Red Rising is AMAZING!

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  2. omg YES to both series!! ❤

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  3. You’re not the last person in the world…. I still have not read Red Rising 😀 (face palm)

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    1. Lol good to know! I sure felt like the last person to get to it! 😂

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  4. YES I 100% agree with this!! The entire time I was reading Red Rising, I was like “this is so similar to the Hunger Games.” But in the best possible way! I always say Red Rising is like the Hunger Games mixed with Game of Thrones

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    1. YES!! it’s literally those three mixed together!!

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  5. I’ve seen people talk about Red Rising all over the net and THIS here is the first time I’ve been convinced to put it on my tbr. Great post! Xx

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    1. Awe this made me smile! Thanks! I hope you love it!

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  6. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Confession: I love The Hunger games but never read more than 10 pages from red Rising….maybe i’ll give it another shot?

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    1. It was a slow start for sure. The first 50 pages or so were just blah. It made me fall in love with Darrow but other than that it was predictable. It wasn’t until he started conversing with the Golds that it really picked up. Maybe try the audiobook?


  7. chelseawilde says:

    I LOVE Red Rising!! I recommend it to everyone and honestly I don’t even think there’s a comparison in the genre! My favourite series since Harry Potter

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    1. I really hope to continue with book 2 soon! I haven’t stopped thinking about itb

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  8. Oh this is awesome! I’ve been considering reading Red Rising, but I didn’t really know what it was about… And I love the hunger games!! Guess I’ll have to pick it up! 😄

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    1. Hope you give it a shot. If you liked the hunger games then you’ll definitely like this! It starts slow, just give it about 50-75 pages and you’ll start to see the similarities


  9. ignitedmoth says:

    Loved both of these. ❤ Man, it's hard to believe it's been so long since The Hunger Games first hit the scene. Time really does fly by. 😛

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  10. Oooh! Red Rising is on my TBR and now I’m more excited for it!! Thanks love!

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  11. Lola says:

    I preferred The Hunger Games to Red Rising. I read the first two of the Red Rising series, but am not continuing for the moment. It is just not floating my boat enough!

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  12. Sissi says:

    I loved The Hunger Games. Maybe I’ll read Red Rising soon! Thanks for the recommendation!

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    1. Hope you love it. It was really good!

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