Top 5 series I won’t be finishing!

More possible unpopular opinions….. apparently I’m a fan of torturing you all! This was a hard list for me to make. It’s rare for me to DNF a book. I’ve probably only ever DNF’d 2 books in my life. Series are much of the same. Even when I don’t enjoy a series, once I start, I still feel like I need to know how it ends. But, I have come across a few that I really don’t care if I follow through on them. There are more important things for me to read! So, here are the 5 series that I won’t be finishing:

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Lady Midnight


I’ve mentioned this book a few times. I wanted so badly to love it. The Infernal Devices trilogy is one of my all time favourite trilogies! But this one I just couldn’t get into. I’m over the whole shadow hunter world and find that she’s writing in too many twists and unnecessary drama. It’s way too over the top for me!



This one makes me sad. I think this is one of the most beautiful covers of all time! The sugar skull face paint, the subtle background, the colours, and the font, are all perfection. I also anticipated that I would fall head over heels for this one! But it fell flat. I couldn’t connect with the characters or the world no matter how hard I tried. All of the elements I love were there, but I felt zero connection to it.

All rights reserved

THE WORD$ SERIES by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

Yet another one that makes me really sad. This is still one of the most interesting premise’s I’ve ever heard of. There was SO MUCH potential there! But the execution was the problem and I felt like there were so many missed opportunities. It felt like the author was trying to be secretive with the information and reveal things as either plot twists or as the series went along. But the amount of missing information kept me confused and in the dark for too long. I have no regrets saying that I won’t continue this one!!

Flame in the mist


Another sad one. I loved her Wrath and the Dawn series SO much! I remembered finishing the first book in that series and literally quivering because I needed more!! The world and the characters were so vivid and vibrant and it invoked so much emotion in me!!! But this series was just blah. It missed all the character development she did so well in the Wrath and the Dawn series, Also the writing felt a little forced. She seemed to miss all of the beautiful, descriptive, and flowery writing I came to love. I just don’t feel connected enough with this story or the characters to continue.

Across the universe


I’m undecided here. I enjoyed the first one. It reminded me of a few other books and movies I love, but there seemed to be something missing. I don’t remember there being anything necessarily wrong with it, but I don’t have a strong desire to continue. I may at some point, but I doubt it will be soon.




So those are the series I don’t plan to finish. This isn’t to say that things won’t change in the future. I’ll never say never really. But these are the ones that I doubt I’ll ever pick up again. What series (if any) do you plan to not finish?

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Honestly, I was so excited to read All Rights Reserved, but after reading your review of it I’ve been putting it off! I’ll get around to reading it at some point but I can’t help think that I’ll be massively disappointed 😦

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    1. It had so much promise. I know some people will love it. But my brain needed more detail and explaining. I’m not a type of reader who enjoys being in the dark. Info dump me all day long! Lol


  2. I love The Wrath & the Dawn duology as well, and I really want to read Flame In the Mist but it doesn’t seem to be loved by as many. 😦

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    1. There were very mixed feeling with it. Some people absolutely loved it! I wish I was one of those. But it fell so flat for me 😞

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  3. Zircon says:

    Finally! Someone who feels the same way about TDA!!
    I loved TID as well, but after reading Lady Midnight, I don’t think I’ll give Lord of Shadows a shot. I feel like all the relationship stuff is overshadowing the awesome magic and action:(

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    1. Thank you!!! Everyone seems to feel like it’s her best book and I’m sitting there going……. snore! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!

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      1. Zircon says:

        lol when it comes to unpopular opinions i’m always there xD

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  4. hannawsreads says:

    Oh how i pulled my hair and hated the forbidden love in Lady Midnight. 🙄 I might and try to read Lord of Shadows some day but it’s definitely not high on my TBR

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    1. The forbidden love was basically the reason I didn’t like the book. I’m so over that with Cassandra Clare!! She’s a good writer, I just wish she would try something new!

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  5. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Hahaha Shanah I loved Lady Midnight!!! Now I had to tweak you theme as I didn’t have series I don’t want to finish (aside Enders…). Here is my link

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  6. The Across the Universe series is one of my all time favourites! Book #2 was even better than #1, and I’m not a person who normally likes space-themed books. I hope you’ll continue the series. The audiobooks were excellent.

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    1. A few people have mentioned book 2 is better. I’m on the fence. Maybe I’ll give it a go sometime this summer 🙂


  7. Birdie says:

    I didn’t even start Dark Artifices. I stopped on book 5 of Mortal Instrument series, though I did read the whole ID trilogy. It’s one of my favorites too.

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  8. Rose says:

    As much as I love Cassandra Clare’s writing, I can understand why so many people are getting tired of the Shadowhunters books. I don’t think any of the other books that she writes in the series will ever be as good as The Infernal Devices!

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  9. Priyasha says:

    Honestly I won’t finish Hush hush series 😆

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    1. I didn’t even start that one lol

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  10. kyera says:

    I can definitely see your points with some of these, but I keep my hopes up for them and want to read the rest of the series. I’m a bookoptimist?

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    1. Being a bookoptimist is a good quality I would say!

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  11. I’m a day late, but I’m back! This one I was really looking forward to!

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    1. I’ll link you in the morning! Today has been super hectic!


      1. I understand completely!!!

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  12. Oooh! The Dark Artifices! I can’t say I’ve picked up the first one yet. I was planning on waiting until they were all out…

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    1. I hope you like that series more than I did!

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  13. The Other Weasley says:

    The Kingkiller Chronicles. This is one of the few series that I deeply regret every second I spent trying to figure out what everyone was going on about. It was the most boring bunch of crap that I have ever read in my life. Yes I’m bitter and I HATE KVOTHE.
    The Diviners. I tried really hard. I loved book 1 but book 2 was soooooo sloooowwww and I remember nothing about it. I picked up book 3 and could not open it.
    Winternight Trilogy. I really wanted to like this trilogy but I almost fell asleep listening to the audiobook. I think that Russian folklore/retellings are not for me.
    Jackaby.I loved the first 2 books but the third was not good. I was bored and I remember nothing from it.
    The Conqueror’s Saga. I was so hopefully about a retelling of Dracula but the characters were immature and ridiculous.

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    1. I knew the name of the wind would be on your list! I thought for sure you would love that one. Kvothe is one of my all time favourites!
      I haven’t started the dividers yet. But I’m totally nervous for it


      1. The Other Weasley says:

        The first book is really good but, just like, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, the others are terribly boring.
        Ugh Kvothe…. you can keep him

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