Top 5 Tuesday – May 2018 topics

May?! How? It doesn’t feel like it’s almost May because we’ve missed spring all together in southern Canada. We’ve had a couple half decent days, but it’s mostly been cold and snowy. I’m so excited for may though! So many amazing new releases, the warmer weather will finally be here, and it’s my birthday month!!! What’s not to love?

Here are the topics for the month of May:

MAY 1 – Top 5 series I won’t be finishing

MAY 8 – Top 5 books I’d save from a fire

MAY 15 – Top 5 opening/first lines

MAY 22 – Top 5 ending/last lines (be sure there are no spoilers!)

MAY 29 – Top 5 science fiction


I also wanted to take a second to say welcome to all the new participants! There were quite a few in April and I’m always honoured that you take a day and write about these topics. As always, if you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see, just let me know! I wanted to remind you as well, that if you miss a few weeks – it’s ok! These are meant to be fun and you can join in whenever it works for you – there’s no pressure!!!

Until next time, happy reading!

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