Weekly Wrap Up – April 16 – 22

WHAT A WEEK!! I mean really, it was insanity! As I said in my Tiny Life Update post, this week was chaos. I ended up getting a new to me car. It’s a 2013 Kia Sorento and I’m in love with it! Her name is Katniss the Kia. She’s beautiful. But it was 2 days of 4 hour round trip drives and running around to do insurance and registrations. On top of that we were crazy busy with work and sending out large orders for new contracts. BUT – good thing is, my anxiety held strong and I was able to smile and laugh, which felt so good! Saturday we had some beautiful weather and I was able to get some yard work done and even had a drink with the neighbour as our kids played in the yard. So, even though it was stressful, and even though I didn’t get much reading done, it was still a good week 🙂


Beneath the sugar sky

BENEATH THE SUGAR SKY by Seanan McGuire <—– (full review) 5 stars

Even though I only read one book this week (and it was a short one) it was well worth it! SO GOOD! It’s book three in the series and by far my favourite. The world building was stellar and the adventure was fantastic!! I’m so glad I gave this series a chance!


I’m almost finished with Sky in the Deep and I’m LOVING it! But the things I’m loving are the things that I didn’t expect. There’s so much culture and tradition within these viking clans and it’s absolutely glorious! I really hope that I can have this one finished tonight and have the review up on Monday.

The Marrow Thieves is one that I started last week and set it aside to make sure I was going to have Sky in the Deep read before its release date. It was going well, but was moving slower than expected. I just don’t know if right now is the right time for this book. I may set it aside for a little while



Early in the week, we got the sad news that we lost a fellow book blogger suddenly. Steph from Teacher of Ya blog passed away and her family was thoughtful enough to take time during this difficult time to let all of her followers know. It was heartbreaking. She was one of the first people I ever followed and also one of the first people I talked to when I started the blog. She made me feel at home and was always so positive and energetic. You will be missed!


This week I brought to all the unpopular opinions – we talked about the books we didn’t like that others loved. I’m a little sad though. I was so looking forward to this topic and then I ended up being too busy to comment on any participants posts. I did see them all though and there were so many that I agreed with!! This weeks topic is the top 5 books I predict will be 5 star reads! I can’t wait! Also, the topics for May will be released tomorrow afternoon 🙂


This week I rolled out a new blog feature – The TBR unhaul challenge! In order to push myself to read more backlisted books, I will be forcing myself to read two chosen books in a month, If I don’t read them, then I need to unhaul them! See the post for more details. My first 2 choices will be listed in my May TBR coming this week!


This Friday I posed the first of the First Impression Friday posts. And it was SOOOO much fun! It’s a genius meme created by Joe at Storeys of Stories where you talk about the book you’re currently reading and give your first impressions. I kind of adapted it to suit me as a bi weekly feature where I compare my first impressions with how I ended up rating it. I love this feature! Thanks so much Joe for creating it!


I’m so glad that this week is over! I’m hoping that things start to settle down and I can get back to reading and interacting with you guys again. But I think that next week will be a bit chaotic as well. All I can say is that I’ll try! Hope you all had a great week!

Until next time, happy reading!


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  1. nice job, my post will go up either tonight or tomorrow

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  2. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Several thoughts: first it’s great that your anxiety is receding! Second : so you too name your car? Mine is named Alice 😉 And third I saw the sad news. I was shocked really… Happy Sunday Shanah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope! You’re not the only one! I like the name Alice 🙂


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