First Impression Friday #1

Two new posts in the same week! How exciting! This one isn’t my idea – this is created by the ever hilarious Joe from Storeys of Stories. I LOVE the idea so much that I had to join in! I’ll be doing this as a bi-weekly meme and include all the books I’ve read in those two weeks. It will be my first impressions based on the first few chapters and then how I ended up rating them. I’m so excited!

Children of blood and bone

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Within the first chapter I was absolutely hooked. I loved how strong and feisty Zélie was! It jumps right into some action and the reaction from all of the characters told me that there was one heck of a back story to learn. I guessed that I would rate this 5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – And I was right! I absolutely rated this book 5 stars. In fact, if I had 20 stars I would have given it the full 20!!

One of us is lying

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – This one I immediately clicked with. The Breakfast Club movie vibes were immediate and the mystery was intriguing, I wasn’t sure about the characters though. They all seemed superficial and a bit annoying. But I assumed I would actually like the mystery (which is rare for me!). I guessed that I would rate it 3.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Close! I actually ended up loving the characters! They were very well developed and the more I learned, the more I fell for them. I ended up guessing the mystery element, but it didn’t matter. I still really liked it! I ended up rating it 4 stars.

Honor among thieves

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Dear lord, this book was hard to get into!! In the first few chapters I was so confused and didn’t like ANYTHING about the characters! I couldn’t figure out how the plot in the beginning connected to space…. I hated the beginning of this book. Actually, the first 110 pages I didn’t enjoy and almost DNF’d this one. But a friend insisted I continue. I guessed that I would rate it 2 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – WRONG! Oh I was so wrong! Once we got out of the awkward beginning of this book, it ended up being amazing! I loved the in depth science fiction, the alien beings, and the entire story behind them. Also emotional connections and friendships was the best part. I ended up rating it 3.75 stars.


MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – This was a tough one. It seemed interesting, and it felt emotionally charged, but I knew that the writing and the story weren’t going to be mind blowing. I expected from the first few chapters that this would be a good escape though. I  guessed that I would rate it 3.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – I guessed right! I rated it 3.5 and, like I said, it was a great escape from the heavy fantasy and science fiction, but it didn’t blow me away. The characters and the story were good, but it probably won’t leave a lasting impression.

Beneath the sugar sky

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Hmmm another hard one. I went into this one without even reading the synopsis, so I didn’t know what to expect. The beginning of this one wasn’t that great. It took  some time for the story to get moving, and the characters were a bit annoying. I was afraid the this would be my least favourite in the series. I guess that I would rate it 3.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – WRONG! I LOVED IT! This book ended up being everything that I’ve been waiting for in the series. The world building was fantastic! I wanted all the info dumping and about 300 more pages! It ended up making me dream of the worlds which speaks to the world building! This one was a definite 5 star!


There is the first of the first impression Friday posts! I want to send out a quick thank you to Joe for creating such an amazing post! I look forward to keeping up with this every other friday! It’s so hard to form an opinion at the beginning of a book, and I love comparing my thoughts from beginning to end! If you want to join in, don’t forget to link him so he can see your thoughts as well!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Absolutely love this and will definitely join in sometime! 😀

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  2. I’ve never seen this type of post before and I love it! It’s really fun to see if what you thought about the book ends up being like that or not 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a creative and smart idea! Joe is always thinking of clever and amazing things! His mind never stops

      Liked by 1 person

  3. J.W. Martin says:

    Thanks for playing along. This is an awesome version of First Impression Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this idea so much!!! Can’t wait to continue 🙂

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  4. Great post!! I like reading your thoughts at the beginning and the end of the book! A lot of fun! 🙂

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  5. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Hahaha I participated for the first time this week too Shanah but I’ll have to wait next week and see if my predictions were true 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a great idea, right?


  6. Yaay. How lovely that you were either right or enjoyed the book more than expected.
    I love this meme, by the way. May still do a post tonight as I actually have a recently started.

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    1. His idea for this was genius!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. Think I should have one for this Friday too.

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  7. kyera says:

    I love the idea of this! I enjoyed reading your responses and seeing how things played out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it such a genius idea?! Joe is a creative smarty guy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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