Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! I have to say that this topic appeals to my constant fan fiction heart. I appreciate the stories as they are presented, but my ever curious mind sometime wonders what happened before to get them to that point. How did the characters meet? What were they like when they were younger? So many questions! And maybe I’m a little greedy. Sometimes I just want more from a certain world or the characters. So here are the books that I wish had prequels….

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 HP and the philosophers stone


OBVIOUSLY!! I don’t think that I really need to explain my choice here. I just want more of everything! I want to learn about Harry’s Parents, how the Weasley’s met, baby Snape…. all of it!



I absolutely loved this book! I felt that it was complete and wonderful, yet we told that there was quite the history behind their competition and that they were not the first to play this game. We got the gist of it all, but if there was ever a book published that covered that time period, I would be all over it!

Miss Peregrines


Throughout the course of this trilogy, we learned a lot about the origins of the peculiar’s. We got folklore and fairy tales, examples of peculiars past, the hollows, and the ymbryne’s. This series was so quirky and weird and made my heart happy. I think this is a case where I’m just looking for a little more time to live in this world. I loved the abilities and how they all interacted with each other. Any prequel would do really!



Wintersong was a book that set up such a large and impressive background to the origins of one of the characters (The Goblin King) and I really wish that I knew more! His beginnings of The Goblin King was constantly shrouded in mystery and, if I remember correctly, we still never found out who he was and how he became to be. Not to mention that he was not the first of his name! There’s so much more that happened before this book and I kind of wish that I had more info!



I need more from this world, but, more specifically, I need a prequel of the lives of Nina, Inej, Jesper, and Kaz!! I know that there is the Grisha Verse trilogy that happened before this series, but I don’t think that they focused on these characters specifically. I could be wrong as I’ve never read that trilogy – so correct me if I’m wrong. If not a prequel, then a sequel! Just give me more!




Prequels aren’t usually my favourite, but in the cases of these books, I’ll make an exception! But, until something like that is published, I’ll continue to make up elaborate lives of these characters before they made their way onto the pages. What do you wish you had a prequel for?

Until next time, happy reading!