Top 5 Tuesday – March 2018 topics!

March already??? When did this happen!? Time is going by way too fast. But then maybe it’s a good thing because that means the snow will be gone soon! I hope lol! We aren’t quite into March yet but I wanted to post these a little earlier so that I can link it in the last top 5 Tuesday post of the month. Also, I’m just getting back from my business trip as this is being posted and needed to do something quick to get back into my blogging routine. And I really think that I’m making up for lost time in February when I was gone…. I am SO excited for these topics!!! I hope you like them as much as I do! Here’s what we will be talking about in March!

MARCH 6th – Top 5 authors I want to meet!

MARCH 13th – Top 5 books that lived up to the hype

MARCH 20th – Top 5 contemporary/fiction (adult and/or young adult)

MARCH 27th – Top 5 characters that would win the show Survivor


I really hope you like these topics. The last one is a bit of a stretch but I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to do a few original ideas that aren’t your typical prompt. I have a few ideas and will throw them in every once in a while. I realize that some of these “off the wall” ideas won’t be for everyone and that’s ok! If it’s too weird for you then I won’t be sad if you don’t want to participate. When I started Top 5 Tuesday I didn’t realize that top 10 Tuesday was a thing organize by another blog. So I’m trying to come up with ideas that are new and original. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. I love these! Just missed the boat (and I know nothing about Survivor! 😂) I’ll keep looking for new Top 5 Tuesdays though!

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    1. The topics for April will be posted tomorrow morning 🙂

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