As the title suggests, the book haul from this month was huge! Between the books I received as gifts, and the books I bought for myself using gift cards, 16 new books found a new home on my bookshelves! There were even more that will be hauled in January as I have gotten a few ARC’s, some were preorders, and some were delayed. If you’ve seen my January TBR, then you may have already seen some of these, and you may have already seen them on my Top 5 books I want for Christmas wish list – that’s right, Santa delivered!

See what I mean, Santa delivered! There are so many that I decided to forgo adding the synopsis to these. And thanks to Chapters Indigo for their amazing sale as I got a few of these for only 6$! My haul for January is steadily growing, but won’t reach this magnitude. And thanks to this haul, I now need to reorganize my shelves!! Eep! What’s the book you got during the month of December that you’re most excited about?

Until next time, happy reading!