Woo hoo! First TBR of 2018! It’s late (seeing as how I’ve already finished two books so far this year!) but it’s a good one. The early months of the year I have a strong urge to read non stop. Settling from the holidays combined with a busy work schedule makes me need to read in order to regain some sanity! This is a long one so let’s get to it!

Unearthed is set to be released on January 9th. I was lucky enough to get an ARC so I’ve actually already read it. I will have a full review up on Monday January 8th and I won’t say anything about it until then. I need some time to piece together how I think about if after the fact. I had very mixed feelings while reading it so I’m taking the time to figure out how I really feel.

Thirteen Rising is way overdue! Ok, I’m being too dramatic, but seriously I can’t wait for it! This is the fourth and final book to the Zodiac series and I can’t wait to see how it ends!! This is one of my favourite series of all time and I haven’t even finished it yet. I have high hopes for an epic ending!

I got Horrorstor for christmas!!! Ever since I read My Best Friend’s Exorcism I’ve wanted to get to another book by Grady Hendrix. I am an absolute Ikea freak so I can’t wait to see how closely the setting relates to the actual store. But the book itself is formatted just like an Ikea catalogue – with diagrams, order sheets and more! I can’t wait to do a full review on this one so I can show you what the actual inside of the book looks like 🙂

Wintersong has been on my TBR for the longest time. I’ve held back from reading it thinking that the atmosphere of a snow covered ground would be the best time for me to read it. Well, then I ended up getting an ARC copy of Shadowsong from the lovely people at Raincoast Books Canada so this is happening now! I’m kind of excited that I get to marathon them and don’t need to wait for a sequel. Looking forward to this!

And then there’s The Hazel Wood!!!! This was also given to me by Raincoast books and I stepped on my husbands foot as I did a dance for joy when I opened the package and saw this!!! Don’t worry though, he has never damage in his feet and didn’t feel it! LOL! This cover is sooooo much more beautiful in person though! The silver and gold illustrations shine in the light! AND, the chapters each have a different illustration that must match the theme in the chapter (though I’m not sure what it will look like as a finished copy so don’t take my word for it). This is one of my most anticipated of the year and I hope that it lives up to my hype!

The Power is one that just happened on my radar one day. I read the synopsis and started to research it and found that the reviews were so positive! A few said that it’s one of the best books they’ve read in years! Hmmmmmm those are some strong words! I can’t wait to see if I think the same!

All Rights Reserved is a book that seems to have mixed reviews but the premise sounds SO amazing! The idea of a world where every word and action is owned and trademarked is like nothing I’ve ever heard of. Every word you speak costs money so, if you’re not careful, you can be deep into debt before you know it. Even names need to be purchased! I have very high hopes for this one!

Ok, now THIS is one that’s long overdue!!! When I first read Daughter of Smoke and Bone I whined constantly that Zusana was my favourite character ever and she needed her own book……… well, Night of Cake and Puppets came out, and I never picked it up! I flipped through it the other day and it is GLORIOUS!!!


9 books…… I have 9 books on my TBR….. yup, that makes it my longest TBR list ever! There are even a few audio books that may come available in January so there might be some more added to this list. I’m highly motivated to read right now so I’m hoping that motivation and determination helps me reach this goal! What’s on your TBR this month??

Until next time, happy reading!