We all have a list of authors that, no matter what it is, we NEED IT! Whether it’s a new fantasy series, historical fiction, or a bound and printed catalogue of their grocery lists, we will scream “take my money” for the chance to have it in our hands. These authors aren’t just people we adore. They’re our most trusted choices where we don’t even need to read the synopsis in order for us to be interested. These are like our version of the bookish Gods and Goddesses…… ok, now that I’ve taken this too far, on with my list of auto buy authors!

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Jay Kristoff is an absolute genius!! Everything he writes is an incredible and unexpected adventure, full of dark worlds and even darker characters. But it’s his humour and his fearlessness to make his characters suffer that I find so unique. Not only is he a talent in that way, but he can switch genres, writing fantasy and science fiction, flawlessly.



Ruta Sepetys is queen when it comes to hard hitting, heart breaking, overly emotional historical fiction. Her books have left an impact on me that won’t let go. I find myself reflecting on the characters and what happened to them as if they were real. It’s just so easy to lose yourself in her words! I really enjoy her books relating to the WWII period, but Out of the Easy, set in 1950’s Louisiana, was equally as amazing!



Everything! Everything she writes is just gold! I’ve read 4 of her books and haven’t met a single one that I haven’t loved. She is a historical fiction master and can take any time period and take it to places you would never expect. Some people choose a certain period of time and stick with it. But so far we have seen 1956 WWII where Hitler won the war, we have seen a walled city in Asia, and a futuristic world where time travel was real and we were able to revisit the Titanic, ancient Rome, and Julius Caesar. Anywhere and everywhere she goes is always an unexpected adventure!



Andy Weir is the most recent addition to my auto buy authors list. I loved The Martian, but I can’t add an author to the list until I’ve read more than one book on more than one subject. I only read Artemis last week and I full on belly laughed the whole way through!! His sense of humour is what I love the most. The things his characters say are so rude, crass, bold…… basically we would get along SO well! He also has an insane ability to explain science like it’s nothing. I’m the last person to understand anything scientific yet the way he explains it, everything seems so simple.



QUEEN MAAS!!! I would literally devour a grocery list if she printed it. Even if it was her usual 800 page long monstrosity. Her characters and her worlds are everything!!! I would explain this more but, I think it’s safe to say that, most of you already understand my obsession!!!




There were so many authors that I could have added to this list but most I haven’t read enough of their books yet, or I’ve read a lot of their books but they were all a part of the same series. I need to be able to experience more of what they have to offer as far as variety before I can add them to this list. Who would be your auto buy authors?

Until next time, happy reading!