I’ve been waiting all year long for this topic! I could talk about creepy reads at any time of the year, but October just feels right. I decided to dive head first into some well reviewed horror reads and I’m enjoying it immensely!! Who knows, maybe I’ll continue to read some in November. The atmosphere in the fall months just makes creepy reads so much better. I figured we could do this topic towards the beginning of October so that those who are looking for some creepy reads will get some recommendations 🙂

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My best friends exorcism


I freaking love this cover! This was really the only reason why I bought it. I wanted it displayed all nice and pretty on my shelves. I read the synopsis and expected a parody of a horror movie – I fully expected to not take a single thing seriously. But what ended up happening was that this book sucked me into the story and characters 100%! What they were going through was all the things gross, creepy, and ewww! I absolutely loved this one! It was very descriptive in the way that things looked, smelled, felt and more. It was very atmospheric and wonderful!


A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS by Paul Tremblay

This is possibly the only book I’ve ever read that really creeped me out and scared me. It deals with a girl who is displaying signs of mental illness but her family thinks there’s more to it than that. I went through it wondering if I could really trust my own instincts and if I could really trust what I had read. The answer to that was no – I couldn’t trust anything! The vivid descriptions of what this girl was going through and what she was doing gave me goosebumps and chills all over. I had no idea what was real or fake. And the ending of this book was EPIC!!! OMG I didn’t see it coming at all. I still think about it and I read this years ago. Out of all the books I’ll talk about in this top 5, this is the one that creeped me out the most! Highly recommend!


YOU by Caroline Kepnes

This one played games with my mind! First of all, it’s told from the perspective of a stalker as he follows women, builds trusting relationships, and murders. Seriously. It’s an insight that I never thought I would get and it was CREEPY! Throughout the book as he’s rationalizing his actions I actually felt sympathy and understanding for him! Then I would shake my head and remember that this man is a psycho and I shouldn’t feel bad for him! It was really graphic and messed up and I loved every minute of it! I just started Hidden Bodies which is the sequel to this and already I’m finding myself siding with him and sympathizing with him! So well written!

Night film

NIGHT FILM by Marisha Pessl

This is a book that I never expected to like but I ended up absolutely loving the eerie vibe of the whole thing. Part mystery and part thriller, an investigative journalist goes on the hunt of the real story involving the suicide of the daughter of a horror film director. The suicide seemed to be cut and dry but Scott McGrath thinks otherwise. So he goes out searching for clues from her past and the secret life of her father. The mystery part wasn’t what got me, but I had this vague feeling that there was someone always watching over my/his shoulders. Things especially got creepy when Scott goes to the “abandoned mansion” of the director and then things get crazy! This ended up being a really good read! I wasn’t a fan of the ending really, but it didn’t ruin the experience!

The shining.jpg

THE SHINING by Stephen King

I bet there will be a few people who would say that there are a ton of other Stephen King books out there that are creepier than this one. There probably are. But I haven’t read those yet! I read this one when I was a teenager and I remember being totally creeped out by the seclusion, the madness, the innocence of the child and wife, and the utter helplessness of the situation. There are some that are massive King fans and if you have one to suggest (don’t tell me IT because I’m reading that one right now!!) then I’m all ears. Pet Semetary maybe??



Ok this last one isn’t technically a top 5. It’s a top one. JW Martin didn’t link to me but I saw it and I’m still laughing. The post “wasn’t supposed to exist” and the baseball GIF is probably my new favourite GIF ever!!! Yup, still laughing!


Those are my top 5 spooky reads. I will admit that I didn’t have a whole lot to choose from, but reading more horror and thriller is one of my goals in 2018 – and not just limited to October!! I can’t wait to see what ends up on everyone else’s list because I could really use a few more recommendations! What would you name as your spookiest read??

Until next time, happy reading!