I was tagged by the lovely creator of the blog Inside My Library Mind – this is a blog that I’ve been following for quite some time now – both on the blog itself and over on Books Amino. I was so excited to be tagged by her and I was also excited by this tag! Either it’s new or didn’t show up under the stack of books I hide myself under, but I had never seen it before. It looked like so much fun so I decided to give it a shot! It reminds me of Pitch Perfect where she’s mashing up multiple songs to make a new one. This is like mashing up two books to make a new story! Here it goes!

The rules:

  • Choose 10 or more book titles (you can also play with TV series, movies or basically anything that has a story and characters.
  • Put them in a bowl/mug
  • Take 2 of them and mash them up!
  • You can take characters from one story and put them in the other, mix up he worlds, fuse the story lines, anything is okay as long as it contains elements from both stories!
  • Write a (small) paragraph with the premise of your new mashed up story
  • Go on until you’re out of titles
  • Have fun!


The Night Court crew knew that they needed the book to be able to destroy the cauldron but it seemed like an impossible task. So who better than to pull of an impossible task? Az’s cousin Kaz (their names rhyme so it’s meant to be). Kaz brings his crew to the fae lands to complete the heist. With the Night Court crew as a distraction, Kaz and his team (Inej, Nina, Wylan, Jesper, and Matthias) steal the book. Chaos ensues, but because Kaz and his team always have a plan B, they get out unharmed. The cauldron is destroyed and they all live happily ever after.

This could totally happen and it would be amazing!!!


While aboard the ship HS Hogwarts, Harry and the rest of the schooling ship are being attacked by an unknown force “without a name”. They must use their magical powers to fight off these attacks. When the Death Eaters manage to breach the ship and come on board, the students are all glad they know how to apparate! The floo power makes transporting themselves through the vents easier. But when their AI system that once seemed sweet and innocent (the AI system is called D.O.L.O.R.E.S. for some reason) goes awry and starts attacking from the inside, unknowing EVIL! The students don’t know who to trust.



Mia Corvere is a trained assassin looking for revenge. After her father was executed for a crime he didn’t commit, Mia vowed that she would have revenge on all those who were responsible for putting him in the ground. After killing them off in her world it wasn’t good enough. She used the transportation pool within the assassin school to travel to different dimensions, killing off the same people if they had all made the same choices.

Meh, this one was weak. I couldn’t figure out how to mesh the two!


Instead of being thrown into an arena, the 24 tributes are shipped to an island with a live  Carnival. They must follow the clues set out for them in order to find a missing loved one that was taken. If they make the wrong choices or fall into the traps of the Carnival they could die, losing their loved ones along with them. No one will know who to trust. More than one can win but at the same time ALL of them could lose. It’s all up to the tributes and their decisions……

Ohh okay! I went creepy dark with this one. Not only could all 24 tributes die but so could someone else they love, making the possible death toll 48! I don’t feel too bad about it though because I made it so that more than one can win!


Mary Boleyn, the eldest sister, is taking care of her family. One day, as she’s searching for her family’s next meal, she finds herself lost in the forest. The Beast, Henry, takes her to his castle showering her in gifts and royalty. Mary’s sister Anne searches for her and finds the castle after many months. The beast immediately finds that he’s more attracted to Anne and sends Mary away. Mary is no longer the shiny new toy. After a while Mary hears a rumour that the Beast named Henry found yet another woman to seduce and wanted to make sure that Anne was ok….. but she found out that Anne wasn’t a good girl so he ripped her head off. The end.

BWAHAHA! Yet again the only thing that I can come up with merging stories ends up really dark and macabre. What do these say about me as a person? Should I be concerned? But it fits, right? You see where I’m going with these…….? Straight jackets don’t go well with my hair!


Not going to lie these came out really weird! But when can you do when you’re trying to merge stories and characters together that just don’t fit?

I’m not going to tag anyone because this is a totally different type of tag. If combining stories and making something new sounds like fun to you then PLEASE do this tag! I would love to see what you come up with! (Joe – you have a really creative mind, I might want to see what you could put together 🙂 )

Until next time, happy reading!