Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m so excited about the topics for this month! This one, most read authors, is one that I’ve wanted to cover for a very long time. I’m so happy to finally be getting to it! The funny thing about “most read authors” is that the most read doesn’t necessarily mean your favourite!! There are a couple on this list that are in my favourites list, but the majority isn’t even close. The “most read” can just mean that you haven’t gotten to more of your favourites or that they haven’t produced a large amount of books yet.  So even though I’ve read a lot of these authors books, it doesn’t mean that they are a favourite of mine. I obviously enjoyed them though or else I wouldn’t have read so many!! This post will be in order, leaving the most read until the last.

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I don’t know why this one surprised me but I honestly didn’t expect for Marissa Meyer to make it on my list. It doesn’t feel like you’ve read a lot of an author when you’ve only really read one series and a stand alone. But when that series is 4 books long, includes a novella, and then a related graphic number, the numbers add up! This number will reach 8 books soon enough as soon as Renegades is released 🙂


For some reason it feels like I’ve read way more than 9….. maybe that has to do with the fact that every one of her books is like 900 pages long…. yup that’s the reason! Technically this number will make it to 10 books as soon as I finish Tower of Dawn…….. ok IF I finish Tower of Dawn.


This was an obvious one and one that I think will be on many peoples lists this week. She also writes under the pen name Robert Galbraith and has the Cormoran Strike series (The Cuckoos Calling, etc.) which I own but haven’t gotten to yet. So if I finish those next year her total will then reach 13 🙂


This one surprised me a bit. I read The Mortal Instruments series so long ago that I have a hard time remembering that I even read it! It was an ok series. I liked it a lot when I was younger but now it’s not really something I enjoy or relate to. The Infernal Devices though – LOVE IT! I also don’t think I’ll continue with the new series. So until she writes something different – as in stop with the shadow hunters because you’ve done it to death – she will stay with 10 books. Sorry that this ended up being a Cassandra Clare rant – us readers are good at unscheduled rants!


There actually could be more to this but these are the only ones that I remember. She’s not my favourite author at all, but I do really enjoy her books. Even though it sometimes feels as though she’s recycling plots and layouts, it’s her ability to create characters and emotion that draws me in every time. Her books that deal with paranormal elements are the best!




So those are my most read authors. I’m sure that if I do this list again next year the list will have changed completely! Who are your most read authors?

Until next time, happy reading!