I’ve only done a few guests posts on the blog and it’s been long overdue for another one! I was talking with Joe at J.W. Martin (Storeys of Stories) over the last few weeks and he very quickly said he had a good idea for a discussion post. Discussion posts are something I’ve always struggled with so I immediately thought “have at it!” He amazed me (as always) with a really great topic that made my brain spin in many directions. That’s what this post is about today. If you enjoy this post please don’t forget to visit and follow him! He has some really great topics, reviews, lists, memes and more – all of them sprinkled with quirky humour, hilarious GIF’s, great information, and fun facts about his posts. I dare you to read his posts without cracking a smile or laughing!!


Have you ever finished a book that you really enjoyed only to experience a heavy feeling settling on you? That’s not book hangover, (well….. maybe) it’s responsibility. Responsibility to the author.

“What responsibility? I already gave that word-nerd my money!”

Maybe. Maybe not. Ever read a book for free? Library books, borrowing from a friend, giveaways, having nothing to do and spending an entire day sitting in Chapters reading a book from front to back before putting it back on the shelf? (Never done this, but you know some of those people you see in the store and doing exactly that!) Even buying a book used doesn’t put a dime in the authors pocket. The only way you’ve really given the author your money is if you bought it brand new online or at a bookstore. And probably only if it was full price!

But I did! I bought it brand new from a bookstore!”

Fair enough, but even then, most of your money went to retailers, distributors, and publishers. And although the author really appreciates that small portion that comes to her or him, that’s not what I’m talking about.

When you love a book, it’s your responsibility to tell everyone about it. Tell everyone you know. Tell everyone you don’t know. Stop strangers on the street and say, “Hey! Have you heard about this book?” Maybe be careful with that last one. There are strange people in the world. People so strange that they’ll stop you on the street and talk to you about some book they just read. Weirdos.

It’s not nearly as important wth someone like Stephen King. Whether you shout good things about his latest book or not, that dude’s going to be ok. But most other authors, even those that are considered successful veterans in the industry, need us, the reader army, to tell the world.

If we don’t, and our favourite authors don’t sell enough books, then we might not get the chance to read their next book. They probably never stop writing, even if they didn’t have a publisher behind them. Writing is in their blood and a lot of them would go crazy if they didn’t write down the voices that echo inside of their heads. But it might get harder to get a hold of their work or to even know there’s new work to be had.

Does this sound frightening? Daunting? Relax. There’s good news. You’re not alone and it’s easier to tell the world than it’s ever been before.

If I told you to tell your best friend about the last book you read, I bet you could come up with several ways of doing just that. Phone, text, email, tin cans tied together on a string, and good old-fashioned telekinesis, just to name a few.

That’s just for the people you personally know. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads, the ‘gram, and about a hundred other social media sites that I’m too old and uncool to know about, you can tell the world.

Tweet your favourite author. #YourBookRuled. Follow them, everywhere. By that I mean various social media accounts, not around his or her local Walmart. #LessonLearned

I suppose what I’m saying is that we owe the authors of our favourite books word of mouth. Books live and die by it every day. But without it, without us, most books would just die.

Fun fact about this post: Shanah threatened me, with my life, and said I HAD to include this “fun fact’ section


Ok, to be clear. I did NOT threaten his life if he didn’t include the fun fact section. I only indicated physical harm which is not the same thing. Physical harm only becomes life threatening when you take it too far. I know my limits and have restraint…… not with book buying though….. but let’s just pretend none of this ever happened…. moving on!

I hope you enjoyed this guest post! Don’t forget to visit Joe at his site www.jwmartin.com to see what else he has to offer and what other shenanigans he’s up to!

Until next time, happy reading!