This is a very open ended prompt so anyone participating can take this however you want it. This could be a team of people you would want on your side to take on a horde of zombies, a court of corrupt royals, a nuclear meltdown, a war, life in a fantasy land, or a life in the present. So many different ways to take this! But the basics of it is that if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation or in the middle of a conflict – this is the team of people you want on your side!

For myself, I imagine this crew as the people I want with me in a fantasy world where I need to fight either for my life, for money, for property, etc, and these are the people that can get us out of the situation. Not only would we win but we would win with style and end up mega rich and all live happily ever after! Each of these people is on my list for a different reason and will help others know not to mess with us!

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Mark Watney is definitely the type of character that you want on your side in the event of a disaster or conflict. He was left on Mars for so long and with little to no resources, yet he survived. Not only did he survive, but he flourished! He had the glorious ability to think himself out of any situation and if what he had didn’t work, he made something else that would work. If a man can be stranded on one of the most unforgiving spaces in the universe (let’s all take a minute and remember that there wasn’t even breathable air around!) and live long enough to be rescued, he’s good enough to save my behind in whatever situation I find myself in!


Empire of storms


No matter how peaceful a situation is in the beginning, something always happens that requites a little muscle. If I was ever in need of a bodyguard, I think I would have to choose Rowan Whitethorn. He’s cold and ruthless enough to get the job done without thinking. His loyalty directs his territorial protectiveness, and he never fails. So many times throughout this series he’s been solely responsible for saving peoples lives. I imagine him as a huge hulking man with arms and legs like tree trunks. But if he has his magical abilities he would be even more helpful! He can control the wind, ice, and lightening, as well as he can shape shift and heal quickly. Oh and he’s immortal so basically, he’s totally fearless!




I have a feeling that this guy will end up on almost everyone list. As I said in the title I gave him, the man always has a plan!! He’s thought of every single detail from start to finish, and accounts for any small changes, making sure that there’s a plan in place for those changes. He’s skilled in putting the right people in the right places, at the right time. He also only gives people the information that they need to complete the task and no more. It stops everyone else from interfering with his plans and taking things into their own hands. No matter what plans he touches, they are executed flawlessly!




Yes, another character from the Six of Crows series – but you have to admit that the team was amazing! Inej was probably my favourite of them all. She is also known as “the wraith”. She has so many skills to offer a team to be honest. She is almost soundless in her movements, her acrobat training made her agile and able to maneuver in places most others couldn’t, she is able to blend in and find out secrets that most people try to keep hidden in the dark, and she is very patient and strong. She isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth – no matter how much it hurts!




Part of winning any situation is knowing your surroundings and knowing what you’re going into. You need to have as much knowledge as possible and need to have someone who can give you direction. Imogen is that person! Staying calm under fire, this girl can get all of the information together and organized, and then help get you through to where you need to go. She is also the type to pay attention to detail to make sure that the plans go as smooth as possible.






No, I haven’t lost my ability to count. I realize that this is character number 6. But this guy is really important! Every team needs a sweet talker. Someone who can use his charm and good looks to convince other to just shut up and go along with your plans. Thorne has a bit of an ego, but his “princely” personality will convince others that he knows what he’s doing. His humour and sarcasm will also keep things upbeat and interesting. But don’t let his charm and good looks fool you (or let them if you want!) – he’s actually quite smart! And he’s a pilot, just in case we’re in need of one!






I hope you enjoyed this topic. It was a fun one to think of and a fun list to make. I know it’s a little open ended but I’m hoping that this gives everyone a little wiggle room to take it which ever direction they choose! Who would be on your dream team?

Until next time, happy reading!