As book lovers we all dream of having that special place just for us where we can store/display our books, and read comfortably. A space that is just ours where no one will bother us – our personal library if you will. I’ve dreamed of this a lot over the years – I love my kids and my husband but having my own space where they can’t interrupt me during the good parts of a book would be fantastic! Here are a few of my ideas for a dream reading space!

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dream space 1

Out of all the spaces I’ve thought of, this to me is the most relaxing. I’m most at peace when I’m within nature – if I’m in the middle of the woods or by the water, I’m so calm that nothing will phase me. This little shed is possibly my biggest dream! Surrounded by trees, lots of windows, the ability to close the doors and hide from mosquitos, listening to the crickets – AH! I want to be there right now! It would be adorable at night to read by fairy lights. I need this space so badly! One day I hope!

Next is a she-shed! Probably the most attainable idea but still quite expensive. I don’t care what it looks like on the outside, but the inside has to be all me! I love how the picture on the right is decorated (except for not so much pink!) The papers on the ceiling, the chandelier, the trunk as a table, the shelves, comfy couch and patterned rug. I could hide in there for a while that’s for sure! Provided there’s a lock on the door so the kids and hubby couldn’t find me!

This one I would love to combine these two pictures! I love the picture on the left with the rustic shelves, the deep wood colours, the paper tree on the wall (OMG I need to do that!) and the fairy lights. But, the seating just doesn’t work. I know I would be uncomfortable quickly. Quick fix – just add the picture on the right – IT’S SO FLUFFY!! It looks like you would sink right in and feel like you were on a cloud. You wouldn’t need much space to make this happen either 🙂

If I ever had the chance to dedicate an entire room to a personal library (ha! Ya right, that’s why this is a “dream” reading space post), the picture on the left is something I would probably do. I love how bright it is while still looking comfortable. As much as I would love to make my shelves rainbow, my OCD won’t allow me to split up series so my shelves wouldn’t look as pretty as that picture. I love the colour of the chairs on the left, but they don’t look comfortable or squishy enough, so something like the chair on the right would be something I would get. But it would need to be a colourful chair!

dream space 4

Lastly is this tiny little space. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted a window seat. My great aunt had one in her house and I always wished I could sit there and read. This one is rustic, looks comfy, and has lots of book storage on the sides and along the bottom. Fix it up with some cute fairy lights and we would be set!




In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a few requirements with my dream spaces – comfy seating, rustic decor, and fairy lights! Not sure I’ll ever have a space like any of these, but a girl can dream right?! And I will! What would your dream space look like?

Until next time, happy reading!