Semi-insane September TBR!

Semi-insane may not be appropriate. COMPLETELY insane is more like it! I’m afraid I may be biting off more than I can chew but oh well – dream big, right? I took it easy during the last few weeks of August to prepare myself to go on this massive month long reading challenge I’ve created for myself. But I am DETERMINED to finish all of these this month!! Besides, I really need the escape and the positivity right now…….

Little life update – I’m so sorry to all the bloggers that I follow, but blog hopping may not happen for a little while. There are a few things happening in my life and so much is undetermined right now. I can’t give specifics but this issue does require my constant attention and energy. Things are happening and changing and I don’t know how much and when. I’m a little nervous, and scared, and just hope that things don’t change and fall apart too much. If you pray I would appreciate it – but positive thoughts work just as well. So if I don’t talk to you for a while I’m not ignoring you, just trying to deal with things in my life. I’ve got posts planned for the next few weeks so posts will still be coming. Honestly I don’t want a hiatus. This is my happy positive place where I can escape the stress of my life. I need this place. Time will tell.

Enough with the sad stuff, here are the books I plan to escape to in the month of September!!



First is Fireblood by Elly Blake. I actually started this one already! This ARC was sent to me by the wonderful people from The Hachette Book Group Canada/Little Brown and what I can say about it so far is that I’m absolutely loving it! The folklore/mythology aspect we got a bit of in book one took on a big role in the beginning and I’m all over it!! I met Elly back in January of this year and got the first book Frostblood signed. Amazingly enough, she lives less than an hour from me so I will be going to the book release event! So I need to finish this one so I can talk to her about it!

A darker shade of magic

That’s right fellow booknerds, I’m finally going to get to this one! Flavia @ Flavia The Bibliophile has set up yet another read along that may be the kick in the pants I need to finally read this thing! I’ve only been planning to read it for over a year now….. For more info on the read along and the sign up form, please clickΒ HERE!

Tower of dawn

NEW MAAS!!!!!!!!! I may loathe this cover (loathe is taking it easy), but it’s new SJM and I’m all over it like a dirty shirt! She could slap a grocery list inside of a book and I would rush to read it. It’s almost 700 pages though…………. oh well. More for me to love!


Jay Kristoff – need I say more? Yet another author that could write a grocery list and I would devour it. But his list would probably contain copious amounts of foul language and detailed descriptions of deaths in aisle 5……… I finished book one in this series (Nevernight) in August and LOVED it! I’m glad I waited to read it so that the wait for this one wasn’t as long.


I swear that all of my favourite authors got together and said “Let’s all release our books in September and watch Bionic Book Worm completely lose her shit”. Yup. It totally happened. I have been so excited for this one since it was announced! It has time travel and a heist on the Titanic…….. that’s all you needed to say! Thanks again to The Hachette Book Group Canada/Little Brown for this gorgeous copy!


This book has been getting absolutely RAVE reviews! I’ve never read a Marie Lu book but I’ve wanted to. And this one speaks to me more than any others. I’m getting a bit of a Ready Player One vibe from it. When it comes to hackers, games, bounty hunters….. this book can’t come in fast enough! And this is another one where I’m obsessed with the cover. I can’t wait for it to be delivered so I can see it in person!

Wild beauty

Last but not least we have Wild Beauty. This is a cover that I have been admiring since it was announced. And how could you not! I’m not normally a floral type of person but there’s something about this cover. The colours, the font, everything. The author has been getting a lot of praise for her previous works and sadly I haven’t had the chance to read any of them yet. So thanks to Raincoast books/Feiwel and Friends for the chance to read this gorgeous book!


I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even read these yet! September will be quite a whirlwind month but I’m ready for it!!! I CAN DO THIS! What books are you most excited to get to this month?

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Did you hear about V.E Schwab? Recently signed a million dollar contract! I guess her star has soared!

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    1. Yes I did! That’s just crazy!


      1. Can’t even imagine. Well she needs to earn it now πŸ˜‰

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        1. I read Vicious and I wasn’t a big fan of her writing style. I haven’t read anything else by her since. But a lot of people seem to love her so I’m willing to give her a shot!


          1. I actually haven’t read anything. Just haven’t had the time. I’ll check her out eventually.

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  2. Steph says:

    I hope you like Shades of Magic!! I love that series. Also, I hope the stuff going on in your life turns out okay, I’ll pray for it!

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    1. I hope so too! Time will tell

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  3. Completely insane sums up September! Lovely TBR! You totally got this!

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  4. Justine says:

    This is such a good list! I’m not a huge fan of A Darker Shade of Magic, but I finished the series and can confidently say that they do improve! I’m not as hugely crazy about them as a lot of readers are, but if you like fantasy they’re well worth a try!

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    1. I’m not a fan of her writing. But I’ve only ever read one of her books to base my opinion on. Vicious is the only one I’ve read and it felt like I was reading with a stutter. The story was ok but the pace and writing was off. I hope I enjoy this one more than Vicious


  5. Em says:

    Ahhh there are so many amazing books coming out this month!!!!!!! And school is starting!!! AHHHHHHH

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    1. This is probably the best month of the year for new releases!

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  6. Great TBR, mine it’s a bit long too and I’m not sure if I will get to them all but we need to challenge ourselves from time to time right? And I totally get your feelings with blogging it’s my happy place too…it’s where I can decompress from the craziness and hardships of everyday life, and gain some positive energy…I hope all goes well with you…sending good vibes your way 😁😁

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    1. Thanks! I think most of us readers have huge TBR’s this month. So many great releases!!
      And blogging is the place where I’m just me. I got some really great news today so that helped my mood!

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      1. That’s great, I’m Glad.

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  7. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Lots of positive thoughts and we’ll be reading buddies Shanah!!

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  8. LairOfBooks says:

    Yay you’re reading ADSOM & with Flavia! awesome, I actually just ordered a copy of the 3rd book to have ready for when I finish the 2nd book. My hubby is actually reading Tower of Dawn on release day & he’ll be debriefing me after LOL! Happy reading & I will have you in my thoughts & prayers Shanah ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      I’ve actually already started ADSOM and it’s pretty good so far! Confusing but good lol


  9. Such a great TBR! So many of these are on my to read shelf. I am reading A Darker Shade of Magic next!

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    1. Can’t wait to see what you think of it! I read the first few chapters and it’s interesting so far. I’m confused but it’s interesting πŸ˜‚


  10. Naty says:

    Sending positive thoughts your way ❀❀❀ and your TBR looks great!

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  11. I am so excited for so many of these books cant wait to see what you think of them! also sending positive vibes your way and hope things look up for you soon πŸ™‚

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  12. lacyliteracy says:

    Haha, I wish you luck on all those books!

    I’m most excited for They Both Die At the End. I just started and can already feel the tears forming.

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    1. Oh I can’t wait to see what you think of it!


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