Top 5 buzzwords that make me NOT WANT to read a book!

I swore up and down that yesterday was Tuesday – summer has a way of messing my days up completely. Now it feels like an extended version of the Tuesday I thought I was living yesterday. Uh huh, yup! I’m a weird one. Especially when I’m tired and exhausted!

So last week was all about the buzzwords that make me WANT to read a book – this week though, we are talking about ones that make us want to stay as far away from a book as possible. Strangely, this side of the coin makes me think more about wording in a synopsis opposed to a plot or story point. You’ll understand when I get into it.

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Please, can we please stop with the love triangles!?!?!?!? I totally understand that love is confusing. And when you’re faced with two different people that you find yourself attracted to, you may find yourself wondering and confused as to which one will be the best choice. But why does such a high percentage of books include a love triangle?! This just isn’t a necessary plot point! Just make the character explore ONE relationship completely and we have more of a chance to become invested in those characters and their relationship. JUST STOP WITH THE TRIANGLES!


This description literally makes me cringe and for so many reasons. When the words “coming of age” are used to describe a story, it’s usually in reference to a teenager experiencing things that will help them grow and chance their lives. But, let’s think on this for a second. Can’t that same description be used for someone in their 20’s or 30’s?? Becoming ‘that’ age usually includes finishing school, finding a job, having children, getting married, buying a house, and so much more! It can also be used for someone in their 50’s or 60’s as they’re experiencing grandchildren, marriages of their own children, retirement, increasing health issues, etc. Basically “coming of age” is a cop out description that makes me roll my eyes. This tells me nothing and is used too broadly. Get specific on what type of challenge they face but don’t use this line – it’s just lazy!


This one is a bit hard for me to explain. I don’t hate books about royalty. In fact I love them! But lately there have been so many books released in regards to royalty and they all follow the same tropes. It’s just been getting a little boring. I will pick the book up if there is something so unique about the premise, but other than that they all fit the same mold – I mean it has to be REALLY unique for me to read it.  But if we’re talking royals in historical fiction then I’m ALL OVER IT! I’m just tired of the same old tropes


I’m not above reading a crime story every now and then, but these are SOOOO not my favourite genre or topic. The crimes are usually all different but I swear the main POV is always the same person. Their personalities, traits, likes, dislikes are always the same thing no matter if they are male or female. These stories (Or the ones I’ve chosen to pick up anyway) also seem to follow the same story outline and plot twists. I just find them boring and predictable.


Ok Ok, I’ve totally read a romance novel here and there, and I’ve read books that aren’t specifically within the genre that do have romances, but I don’t go into the romance section of a store – ever. I just feel like theres too much missing in the story for me to relate to it. They’re ok every once in a while as a way to reset my brain and focus on something a little less involved, but they just aren’t my thing. I usually can’t connect to them on an emotional level either which I feel is the point to these books. I don’t feel that romantic relationships are enough substance to hold my attention.




How about you? Are there any buzzwords that you find cringeworthy or off putting?

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. J.W. Martin says:

    DETECTIVE! ARGH! My number one. I’m okay with coming of age stories, still. I don’t look for them specifically, though. Romance and Love triangles can take a leap, too. We’re pretty synced on the whole buzzwords things.

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    1. Yup. We’re on the same page (Ha! My turn! See what I did there? 😂 I’m an imbecile)
      Coming of age stories are ok and I do read them but it’s the use of that statement that drives me bananas 🍌

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  2. We’re bookish twins; I agree with all of these! 😁 “Coming of age” stories bore me, but contemporary does in general! 😂 I love thrillers, but detective stories are so unoriginal and boring to me; I prefer when I’m in the action with the main character. There are a couple of good ones I’ve read though! Ugh, I only read M/M romance, and that’s the only exception!


  3. Ryann the Reader says:

    I’ve never been able to pinpoint why “coming of age” always bothered me, but you said it perfectly! I’d definitely have to agree with you on all of these!

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  4. Nika says:

    I totally agree with you on the coming of age one. I feel like it is used in the synopsis of every single YA book out there but it doesn’t mean anything!

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    1. Exactly! If it wasn’t so overused it may not bother me as much. But when it comes to a book with a teenage character they feel the need to use it….. *rolls eyes 🙄*

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  5. Agnes Nutter Witch says:

    Oh I think you nailed this post! I agree with all of them:
    Detectives feel like they’re all the same broody character recently, and don’t get me started on the coming of age. I was never really drawn to romance, but really good point on “using” them to reset your mind.

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  6. Angela JC says:

    Wow, yep yep yep yep yep. Haha I totally understand how ya feel with those. Especially the love triangles and “coming of age”! Actually I just 100% agree with you on all of those lol

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  7. kyera says:

    Oh the overused trope of love triangles. Now I’m tempted to write a short story in which the detective is super different from the general personality type. Just to be contrary.

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    1. And I would read that!!!


  8. Ugh, I hate romance with a passion. Love triangles make me roll my eyes. I’ve gotten seriously fed up with all the coming-of-age stories, too. It’s a nightmare.

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    1. Lol nightmare is right! I’m just over it all 😂


  9. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Haha I swear I will be more specific next time I use “coming of age” in one of my reviews Shanah! But you’re right of course the journey can happen when you’re 20 or …70!

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  10. “The next Harry Potter.”

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  11. Love triangles and romance usually turn me away too.

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