I’m not sure that I’ve actually done a specific life update….. if I have, it’s been so long that I don’t remember it. But a few really exciting things have happened and I need to share them!

First of all – the life update. I will be stepping away from my corner of the internet until Monday. I have this posted today, nothing Saturday, and I’m hoping I can schedule my weekly wrap up to post Sunday. I’m volunteering at our towns biggest and longest event to serve drinks at the beer tent with my old roller derby team. I can’t skate with them anymore, but working this event gets the team a lot of money. They are also responsible for the junior team so this event helps out a group of kids so they don’t have to worry about fundraising. If theres something I can do to help I always will. But this means that I will be on my feet, hauling cases of booze and serving drunk people for 10 hours tonight and then again tomorrow. Then on Sunday I have a dinner with my family and parents. It’s such an exhausting weekend!! I won’t be blog hopping at all (sorry if I miss a really fantastic post of yours!) and it may take a while for me to get to your comments. But this is temporary and I will be back!



I am sooooo excited for this! Last week I reached out to Raincoast Books Canada to see about their blogger/media program. I’m currently working with 3 major publishing houses in Canada but I held off from contacting this one. I was far too nervous. They have publishers like Bloomsbury, Chronicle Books, Entangled Publishing, Flatiron, Henry Holt and Co, Macmillan, Source Books, St Martins Press, Tor (and SOOO many more) underneath of their umbrella. I’ve admired all of their publishers for so long and I wanted to make sure that I was more established so I could set myself up for success. And I was accepted! I couldn’t be more excited to get the chance to work with them! I should be getting my first books from them any day now and they both sound SO beautiful! So thanks Raincoast for the chance to work with you!!! Having said all that, I don’t think less of the other three publishing houses I work with! Saying that I was nervous for this one more than the others just sounds weird. But I had an odd feeling that I wouldn’t have been accepted if I had applied earlier. I go with my gut feeling. It worked out in the end πŸ™‚


It’s been confirmed! One of my book reviews will be published in an online magazine on September 1st! They’re a relatively new magazine and I am so honoured that they chose me to represent them. September is deaf awareness month so can you guess which book I will be reviewing?? Anyone?? I will be posting the links to both the magazine and my review as soon as it goes live on the 1st!


I hope that you all have a really great weekend! I hope to catch up on some of your posts after the chaos of this weekend is over!

Until next time, happy reading!