Welcome, welcome, to yet another Blogger Spotlight! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do one of these. The end of the month is always filled with hauls, wrap ups, and TBR’s, but now that that’s over I can get back to bringing you some more amazing blogs to follow!! Here we go!!!


Angela @ Egg Reader has a format for her reviews that I love. They’re very detailed and she clearly conveys her emotions, but what I appreciate most about her reviews is that she separates what she likes and doesn’t like about the book. Each contains points where she tells us exactly what she felt and why. Ok, the post I linked doesn’t have any “didn’t like” points, but her other ones do if there’s something about it she didn’t like lol. She also does a few meme’s, wrap up, tags, and more – so there’s something for everyone!

Ravenclaw Book Geek is another blogger who clearly conveys their emotions though a review. As readers, it’s the emotions that we feel while reading that sticks with us the longest, and you can feel the passion radiating through each and every review!

Erin @ A Redhead’s Rambling has a way with words. Seriously! Not only are her reviews wonderful, but her pictures and blog design make you want more. She reads a wide variety of genres which is really fantastic because you’re exposed to books you may not have otherwise. On top of the book reviews there’s tags, memes, lists and so much more.

5171 Miles Blog – what can I say? So many reviews!! This blog is run by two friends who, you guessed it, live 5171 miles apart! Ashely and Sabrina bring a wide variety of genres to your attention accompanied by humour and great pictures. There are so many books that I may not have looked into if it wasn’t for their reviews! I think they also recently celebrated their one year blog-anniversary!

Nia @ Shades of Paper is yet another one who’s passion radiates from every inch of her reviews!!! She’s honest, clear in her thoughts, and includes quotes which I always love. But her pictures – AHHH! Instagram Envy!! My goodness – so gorgeous!!!!!!


There are your spotlight bloggers this week! If you’re looking for great reviews wrapped in well designed pretty packages – these are your blogs! I guarantee these blogs will help you find a great read and make you think about the ones you may have already read. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Until next time, happy reading!!