I know I’m not alone in wishing that some bookish worlds were real. I can’t afford to travel in real life so I depend on the worlds I visit in books to take me places. There are some that are terrifying and I’m glad present earth is my home, but there are some that I wish were real and I could visit, even if just for a day! Here are a few I would visit if it were possible:

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The general setting of this book isn’t too spectacular, but the Night Circus itself is something that I wish I could lose myself in completely! It all sounds so amazing!! From the clock at the beginning of the show, the different tents themselves, to the food – I want it ALL!! Every element of this travelling circus has just enough magic to make you wonder and make everything shine. I’m not a fan of circus’s in the slightest, but this one I would follow anywhere!


Ummmm, hello….. space travel? Yes please!! Yes I will agree that certain planets and places sound terrifying but some sound peaceful, amazing, and beautiful!! I actually have two plans for this book. ONE – I become the most fearless, terrifying, and infamous female space pirate ever. Because that would be awesome. TWO – I have enough money to travel the universe, visit as many planets as I can, find the best one and settle down after seeing them all. Maybe I could do both! Pirate enough money to get rich and get the best ship then retire and give up my infamous name to my right hand…… yup that’s what I’ll do!


Once again, a few things in this world are terrifying, but theres just so much beauty! It would be so amazing to visit all the courts. Obviously the Night Court would be the most incredible to visit (and have the best company) but the seasonal courts sound SO beautiful! The Summer Court calls to me the most. If there’s a particular season you enjoy then you can bask in its glory all year long! The smells and feel of fall all year, the spring blooms, the summer ocean – I want it all!


Renee Ahdieh’s writing was so detailed and gorgeous I couldn’t help but be obsessed and amazed with this setting. The setting of the royal palace was probably my favourite but everything else sounded equally enticing. I felt as though I was already transported to this world while I was reading, so if there was a way this could be made into a real world it would all seem familiar. Strangely enough, the way she described the foods, I honestly think I want to go there just to eat! Is that just me?? lol And now I want to reread this series!


Last but not least, OF COURSE I was going to mention Harry Potter! I want to live in Hogwarts forever. I want to wield a wand, find the Room of Requirement (which would be a giant library with fluffy seating and a fireplace), see the floating lights, play Quidditch, eat all the food (BUTTERBEER!), hang out at Hagrid’s and more. Mostly though, I want to be a Weasley!


For a bit of added fun I thought I would mention a few worlds I’m thankful don’t exist! I wouldn’t last long in these places:

  • The Hunger Games – I’m far too opinionated to last long here. My mouth would get my killed long before the Hunger Games would!
  • Illuminae – Because diseases, war, and more. I wouldn’t have made it through the first chapter of this one!
  • An Ember in the Ashes – I don’t think that there’s really any setting that sounds pleasant in this series!! It’s an entertaining read though!



Which worlds do you wish you could live in?

Until next time, happy reading!