Well…….. that week was fun……. I’m exhausted! I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck which I’m convinced is trying to kill me slowly! The headaches are so intense I feel ill, and the pain from my neck to my wrist takes over my thoughts. Many visits to the chiropractor later and I’m getting better slowly. Part of the problem may have been slight dehydration on top of it. I know this will take a couple of weeks to heal – Patience is a virtue I don’t possess ! The silver lining is that I’ve been forcing myself to rest more than normal so I’ve been getting more reading time in. And Book Tube A Thon begins tomorrow so I’ll be continuing my rest and reading.


My best friends exorcism

MY BEST FRIENDS EXORCISM by Grady Hendrix <—– (Full review)
OOOOhhh I loved this one!!! It’s a book you can and can’t take seriously all at the same time, but kept me entertained from page one. The chapter titles are all titles of 80’s songs and I’ve basically had an 80’s playlist running through my head non stop ever since! It’s both a blessing and a curse!


Eliza and her monsters

I’m so close to being done this one! With the Book Tube A Thon read a thon starting tomorrow (Find my TBR HERE) I plan on finishing this one after midnight or early morning monday.  I love the artistic element to it and how much passion Eliza feels for her creations. I can’t wait to finish and talk to you all about it!



This weeks topic was my Top 5 female leads – this one was way harder than I thought it would be!!! There are so many women in books I love and admire but it was hard to think of them all and make a list. A lot of the female characters I love are actually side characters lol!!


Look at me go! I finally got around to doing an award post! I’ve been tagged/nominated for many things and my list keeps growing as I never find the time to get to them. But I finally did it and I’m proud! I was nominated for the Keep It Fresh award and it was so much fun to do! I also got back to my Blogger Spotlight feature and talked about 4 blogs that I’ve been addicted to for so many reasons! These people deserve their moment in the spotlight and I hope they get a few new followers as they really do deserve them!

That’s all for this week. I’m crossing my fingers that the chiropractor can make me function again and I can make next week a super productive and fun one! I hope you all had a wonderful week!

Until next time, happy reading!