I know I said I wasn’t going to post on Saturdays but I wanted to get this up before the Read-A-Thon starts!

I don’t participate in many read-a-thon’s, but this is one that I at least attempt every year. I know that I’ll probably only get to one book (maybe two) but it’s motivation to push myself to read when I’m usually too busy for books **Too busy for books? I’m sorry for the foul language! I’ll try to watch my cursing in the future** Whenever I attempt to participate in this challenge, something always happens. This week my kids are going camping with my parents for the week and I know that I’ll be out there with them for a day or two. But there may be some kid free reading time so I have high hopes. Work is busy as always, but I am DETERMINED that I will finish two books this week! I like this challenge a lot because it’s a week long so there’s lots of time for me to get in some reading. So here are the Book Tube A Thon’s details:

  • Read a thon runs from the beginning of July 24th until the end of July 30th (7 days)
  • There are 7 challenges for you to follow (but are not necessary) and I will list them for you below
  • Check out the host of this read a thon (Ariel Bisset) on You Tube HERE for more info, the challenges, and other participants


As I’ve already said, I probably won’t be reading a ton, so I actually plan on cheating for the challenges and checking off as many as I can with the least amount of books. DON’T JUDGE! There are no read a thon police I need to answer too lol! Here are the challenges:

 – A book with a person on the cover
– A hyped book
– Finish a book in one day
– Read a character perspective that is very different from you
– Finish a book completely outdoors
– Read a book you bought because of the cover
– Read 7 books

I can already tell you right now that the last one will NOT be happening! But here are the books that I hope to get to this week!

Eliza and her monsters

I will be finishing this one probably early Monday (and hope to have the review up Monday as well) and it’s kind of adorable! Wallace and Eliza are probably one of my favourite teen relationships ever. Reading about their relationship and all its fears and uncertainties has brought me back to my relationship with my husband. I was 16 when we got together so this was me lol. It has also kind of pushed me further into wanting to write myself, and draw more. I LOVE drawing but have stopped due to lack of time. I need to get back to it!!!
Challenges this will check off: A book with a person on the cover AND a hyped book.


I’ve been looking for a reason to reread this one and now would be the perfect time!! I loved this so much. “I’m a shark” is still the inside joke between me and my daughter (who also loved this)
Challenges this will check off: Finish a book in one day, Finish a book completely outdoors


I’ve been needing to get to this one for many months. I finished the first book in this series a few months ago and just LOVED it! It was so adventurous and entertaining! I’m not sure if this is a trilogy or just a duology, but I can’t wait to get to it!!!!
Challenges this will check off: Read a book you bought because of the cover

For the last challenge, I’m not sure which one I will choose. I’m a mood reader, so it will all depend on what’s happening and how I feel. Both of these seem interesting, both have characters that are different from me (One is a boy who loves video games and the other is a girl from many years ago surrounded by the royal life), and both feel like summer reads, so I guess time will tell! Knowing me, there’s a possibility I won’t choose either! LOL
Challenges this will check off: Read a character perspective that is very different from you


So those are the books that I hope to get to during Book Tube A Thon! I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing happens and I have time to get to most of these. One day the read a thon curse will end – I HOPE!

Are you planning on participating in this? What books do you plan on reading?

Until next time, happy reading!