I would think, that out of all the top 5 topics I’ve come up with so far, that this one would be easy……. apparently not so much! As I was searching my shelves I was struggling to remember character names, what made them stand out and what I liked/didn’t like about them. Apparently I don’t latch on to main characters as much as I thought I did because all I could remember were the side characters!! Topic for another Tuesday?? I think so! Anyways, here’s my top 5 female leads!

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Top 5 Tuesday


Skeeter – The Help

I would have to say that Skeeter is probably hands down my favourite character ever!! In a time and place where women were meant to make themselves pretty, get a good husband, and raise a family while keeping themselves in a social circle, Skeeter was going to college, not wearing makeup, never been on a date, and trying to secure her dream job. I love any woman who can throw any assumptions of a woman away and boldly walk her own path. Another reason why I love Skeeter is, though she was afraid and terrified, she knew what was right, what was wrong, and tried to fix a situation. She used what she knew to bring light to the ways others were being treated and helped get what a few people deserved while she was at it!

Throne of Glass

Celeana Sardothian – Throne of Glass

I can’t help it! I love a bad ass character! Never afraid to speak her mind, super smart, uses her fear to fuel her fire, stands up for herself no matter what the cost, and, hello? She’s an assassin! This type of character reminds me a lot of myself (ok maybe minus the assassin part) as I have no verbal filter, I’m smart, and I refuse to let anyone tell my what to do or talk down to me. I would explain a little further why I love her but if you haven’t read this series it would spoil everything and quickly!



Dumplin’ – Dumplin’

I went into this book not expecting to like it. But now, a year later, the story and the characters have still stuck with me. Dumplin’ was so amazing!!! Reading of her journey dealing with her insecurities was beautiful, emotional, and a little closer to home than expected. She is a southern gal which automatically makes me love her lol! But for her to enter in a beauty pageant even though she knows that she’s not the “typical body type” makes me love her forever!!!!!!!


Hermoine Granger – Harry Potter

Of course I couldn’t forget Hermoine!!! Everyone’s favourite book nerd and bestie! At first I found her to be an annoying know it all. But then I realized she wasn’t really doing it on purpose – she literally knew it all! LOL She is so caring, and loyal to Harry and Ron. She’s VERY set in her own opinions and ways of doing things, but when it comes to saving others she isn’t afraid to break her own rules. It’s her strong will and smarts that make me love her!

The hunger games

Katniss Everdeen – Hunger Games

Lastly I have to choose Katniss. She is the unexpected strength. She never wanted to do or be what she is. But when placed in situations she was able to make quick decisions that saved her life, the lives of others, and put her in a place of power. Everything she’s ever done has only been to protect – she was never out for fame, fortune, or power. And that’s why the people of the Districts came to love her. She was willing to do anything and go to any length to protect. She is an inspiration. Say what you will, I love Katniss!!!

So there’s my list of my top 5 female leads!! Who would be on your list?


Until next time, happy reading!