First full week of the kids home from summer vacation…. and we all survived! That’s a good start, right? It was stressful that for sure! But luckily they had people to play with and my parents came over and took them in the pool while I worked. I even managed to finish a book this week! I would say it was a success for sure!


Daughter of smoke and bone

DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor <—– (Full review)
This book was so amazing! I’ve been in the worst fantasy slump of my life and I was really afraid this one was going to be bad timing. Now I’m thinking this is just what I needed to pull me out of it! The characters were great (Karou and Zuzana are now my favourite fictional crew EVER!) and the story was so unique and beautifully written. I loved it so much I immediately started……….. wait for it……..


Days of blood and starlight.jpg

Days of Blood and Starlight!! Book two in the series! And the first chapter was one of my favourite first chapters ever! Once again proving just how much I need actual friends like Zuzana – actually I do have a few friends who would do what happened. I would help! I’m part way through this now and hope to finish it in the next few days!



I’m still in a state of shock! I can’t believe that my blog has now reached 500 followers! Thanks so much to everyone, really! I never dreamed that I would be running a blog with that many followers! To some, this amount might be small – but to me this is HUGE!! I did a little Q & A and then followed it up with my answers. You can find all that HERE. And just the day before I hit 500, I had a little meltdown where I was questioning how it was possible to follow blogs and keep up with all the posts (Book Blogging – a catch 22) and all of your suggestions and comments were so helpful. I just needed to know that it was ok that I can’t do everything!! LOL! Sounds awful and strange but it’s true. I’m so glad that you all understand where I was coming from!


This weeks top 5 Tuesday post was about my top 5 longest books! I made it a point to try and reach a page goal of 33,333 pages this year opposed to a certain amount of books read in a year. I do have a book goal, but it’s the pages that I really want to reach! So this year I haven’t been as intimidated by all the large books. And I have to say, that I’m really enjoying this! It’s so nice to pick up a book and not worry how long it’s going to take me to read it. I also heard that the other Top Tuesday meme isn’t running for a month or two. I started my Top 5 Tuesday meme when I was over on books amino and had no clue that there was another one going. I didn’t copy – I swear! But if you’re looking for some topics to fill the void, these are the topics I plan to cover in July. August is pretty much planned already and I have a feeling it’s going to be my favourite month yet! I hope you can participate! This Tuesday’s topic is Top 5 Villains! Please remember to ping back a specific Top 5 post so I can add you to the list of participants!


So that was my week! I’ve been able to keep my head above water and actually read while I’m at it! Here’s hoping I stay sane until September lol! Hope you all had an amazing week! What was your favourite read this week?

Until next time, happy reading!