The word of the day is – FAIL! 

That’s right, I placed myself on a book buying ban from the beginning of June until September, and I never even made it a whole month! I am weak and spineless. In my defence though, these were special and I got two for less than the price of one. I’m about to justify my purchase – don’t judge me! LOL

I may be slightly obsessed with Harry Potter (understatement). When the 20th anniversary editions were released, my fangirl heart leaped for joy. But I had put myself on a ban and refused. I told myself I didn’t need them and they could wait. Annnnnd then they went on sale! I ended up getting the Gryffindor hardcover and the Ravenclaw paperback for less than the list price of the hard cover!! Steal! So I had to – it was meant to be.

After I made my purchase I carefully explained to my husband why I needed to get them. This is how the conversation went AFTER I made my sales pitch:

Me – “So it was two for less than the price of one!”
Husband – “You’re totally geeking out on me right now”
Me – “I am! I’m so excited I have goosebumps all over my arms”
Husband – “Well if it makes you that happy then why do I care?”
Me – “I am really happy. They’re going to be so pretty on my shelves and can keep the other two editions company.”
Husband – “I’m just shocked you didn’t buy all of the editions for all of the houses.”
Me – “Wait, what?! Was that an option??”

I’m not ashamed that I broke my book buying ban for these books at all! But I do plan to get right back to it and hope that I can last an entire month! I need to slow down! I have so many unread books on my shelf and my wallet is screaming. I hate ‘adulting’ but I need to be responsible and pay my bills first!

Do you have the 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter? If so, which house did you pick?

Until next time, happy reading!