Before I start today’s spotlight, I wanted to take a minute to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!! 🇨🇦Today this beautiful country of mine is 150 years old. This country and its people are so beautiful (despite its cold winters!). I’ve lived here all my life and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

My first blogger spotlight was such a success I decided to make this a regular feature! And for so many reasons! First of all, we all put so much work into these blogs we call home and we are really only doing this for ourselves and for our love of the written word. And for that reason alone, you deserve the recognition! Another reason is that it just feels good to talk about you! I’ve been inspired by so many of you on a weekly basis so here are a few more that I love and I hope you get the chance to check them out!!


I’ve been on Instagram for a while now but I’m not very active. I find it so overwhelming and I’m so busy with other social media outlets, that I just just let this one slide sometimes. But these blogs make me want to step up my game!

Adhvika over at Books and Fiction has SOOOO many gorgeous photos!! They’re always accompanied by a wonderful review, but the pictures are what draw me in every time. They’re just so soft and dream like. I almost fell over when I found out that she is only 14!! So talented!

Bella at Bookish Youth is another one who is young (15) and has created a desire for Instagram goals! The lighting is always perfect, symmetry, rainbow colours, flowers, and so much more. Her blog is beautifully designed to go along with the pictures. So pretty!



Writing reviews can be a fine art. It’s easy enough to outline the book and somewhat copy a synopsis, but explaining the emotions felt, the events, and more, without spoiling the book is difficult. Here are a few I love to read no matter if I find the book 100% interesting or not!

Bentley from Book Bastion has so many reviews that draw me in completely. He manages to cover the book from every angle possible. He explains his emotions in detail and why certain things did or didn’t work. He is very respectful, clear, concise, and is able to separate himself from situations and look at it from the readers perspective. Not to mention his blog design is so beautiful and easy to navigate. He could review a grocery list and I would be all over it! LOL

Sofi from A Book. A Thought. has me engaged in every single review! First of all, the layout of the blog is so wonderful. Second of all, the reviews are always very detailed. And third, she includes pictures and GIF’s that always manage to be perfect to her thoughts! I’ve laughed and Awe’d along with her through her reviews!



A.M. Bradley has so many tips and tricks for those who are writers themselves! Whether you are just starting out, have been at it for a while, or are struggling through the process, there is something for everyone! When I finally decide to get back into the writing game I will be sure to come back here for help when I need it!!


There are the 5 bloggers I chose to spotlight this week. I think I may have figured out a much easier way to catalogue the blogs I follow and list why I like them. The other way I was doing it would have taken me months to figure it out! I hope you’re enjoying this feature. See you next week with some more wonderful blogs!!

Until next time, happy reading!