Every three months, I take a step back and see how I’m doing with my reading goals. I didn’t set too many goals this year as my focus was to have a stress free reading year. But now that I’m noticing how well things are going so far, I may have to set a few new goals just to keep things interesting! To compare, I did a quarterly update in March that you can find here.ย Here’s how I’m doing now that we’re half way through the year:

Read 50 books

My current book count is 46 books! I couldn’t be happier with this number! I always start the year off strong and then slow down in the summer time, so for me to have basically met that goal half way through is amazing to me! Looks like I need to increase my goal! I would LOVE to hit 100 in a year but I’m afraid that will put too much pressure on myself. If it happens then great! But for now I’ll just increase my goal to 75 and see what happens.

Read 33,333 pages

This goal still makes me smile. The most random number in the world but it’s the goal i’m most excited about. My current page count according to Goodreads is 18,124 – which is about 1,500 pages above target. I’m so happy that I’ve been above target and haven’t felt like I needed to catch up. The number of books doesn’t matter to me – this is the goal I really want to reach!

Go to a book related event

I actually found a way to achieve this task back in January! I went to a signing event with Stephanie Garber (author of Caraval) and Elly Blake (author of Frostblood). Both women were amazing and so are their books. It was nice to get some insight into their plots and characters, not to mention I met a few other bloggers and book tubers!

Reread at least 3 books

Not completed yet but I’ve reread 2 books so far! A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury were the two books I’ve reread so far. I couldn’t believe how much I had forgotten since the last time I read them. But what threw me off the most (and made me more excited about rereading) is that they felt like totally different books when I went back into them knowing what was going to happen. I could focus more on the details instead of trying to put things together. I haven’t decided what my next reread will be yet though.

Follow less hype

I’m not sure how I’m doing with this one. I’ve picked up quite a few hyped books but I’ve also picked up some unknown and less talked about books. I’ve definitely decided to be more cautious going forward. But if I didn’t pick up hyped books then I would have missed out on The Hate You Give (which is possibly the most hyped book ever) and that would have been a shame. It’s hyped because it was just that good! I have quite a few under hyped books on my list but I need to read the ones I already have on my shelves!


Since I’ve basically already reached my goals for the year, an update is in order. Here are my updated goals for the last half of 2017:

  • Readย 50 75 books
  • Read 33,333 pages
  • Go to a book related event
  • Reread at least 3 books (1 more to go)
  • Follow less hype
  • Finish two trilogies
  • Read an 800+ page book

How are you doing on your reading goals this year?

Until next time, happy reading!