I’m about to come up on my 6 month mark with blogging in a couple of weeks! This has been such a great adventure. When I started this blog I wanted to talk about books – that was really my only goal. I love to read, I love talking to other book lovers about books, and I wanted to get my reviews out into the internet world in hopes that I could help someone find their next great read. But what ended up happening is I fell into the blogging world – head first and hard – just like Alice fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. I was suddenly bombarded with great ideas, amazing blogs, new books, and a new group of friends. So today, I want to take a minute to feature some of the great blogs I’ve found throughout my journey. This will be the beginning of a series where I plan to highlight the many wonderful blogs out there!


Mikaela over at The Well Thumbed Reader has opened my eyes to so many topics! She always finds a way to start a great conversation and make you consider things you may not have considered. Her blog is one of the very first I found when starting this journey and I’m so glad to have found her. The discussions are creative and make you consider points from every side.

Melanie at MN Bernard Books is one who has really made me grow as a reader and book lover. I don’t always exactly agree with her opinions, but that’s honestly why I love her so much!! I’m not set in stone with my own opinions and keep myself open to learning and growing. She makes her points clear and explains why she feels the way she does, helping me understand things I may have not considered. She also does a post where she lists comments on her blog and always makes sure every side is covered. Her discussions are so well rounded and I love that she has changed my own opinion through them.


Emma-Louise “Elou” at Elou Carroll has so many different things to see! She has photos’s, discussions, book reviews and more. But my favourite thing about her blog is Folklore Thursday where she discusses folklore from around the world. Some i’ve heard of, and some I haven’t. But they are so interesting and cover different aspects of the same story, their origins, and how they come into play within society. I’ve always been a huge fan of folklore so this feeds my soul!

Kyera at Kyera’s Library started a feature a while back based on her love of Harry Potter. She had these amazing lists of books that belonged in the Hogwarts houses and I loved every one of those posts! She managed to capture the feel of each and sorted them out like she was the Sorting Hat herself. When the houses were done, she’s continued the feature based on the different magic schools around the world. So creative and so well done!


Bernadette at Spine Cracker has opened my eyes to a whole new world! I’ve always loved horror movies but haven’t really gotten into reading horror books. There’s so many out there and I never knew where to start. When I did pick one up, it never seemed to suit my reading tastes. But since following her blog I’ve added quite a few to my TBR!

Chelsea from The Suspense Is Thrilling Me has soooooo many thriller books to choose from! Yet another genre that I rarely go for but through her reviews by TBR has grown. She’s so very clear in her reviews and it’s really gotten me interested in picking up more of these books!


Today’s post is a short one, but it’s the beginning of a series that I WILL be continuing! I plan to make my way through all the wonderful blogs I follow and feature you all in some way. I’m in the middle of making my list now  (which will take some time) and highlighting all the things I love about you!

Until next time, happy reading!