Weekly Wrap Up – June 11 – 17

After the whirl wind of last week it was kind of nice to step back and take a breath! I was able to finally calm down, schedule some posts, read a few books, and prep for our trip to Toronto. We will be coming home later on today and hopefully I can put together a post of our adventures for Monday!


CLAIMING ADDISON by Zoey Derrick <—– (Full review)
This is a genre that I rarely read but I was in serious need of a reset! This one pushed me out of my comfort zone but that’s what I loved most about it. Yes, it’s an erotic romance novel, but it actually had a very enjoyable story behind the steam!

THE SPACE BETWEEN THE STARS by Anne Corlett <—– (Full review)
I received an ARC copy of this one from Berkley/Penguin Random House and I’m so glad I had the chance to experience this one (I was going to buy it anyway though LOL). This was an amazing character driven story about survival and what’s right for everyone. I didn’t know what to expect going into this but I was very pleased.


I haven’t actually started anything yet as I’m writing this a few days in advance of this post being published. But these are the two books that are next on my TBR. I’m not sure that I’ll take both with me when we go on our mini vacation, so I’m not sure which one I’ll actually start next.



This weeks Top 5 Tuesday topic was my Top 5 Fictional Boyfriends! It was so much fun to fangirl and make this list! There were three other bloggers who participated in this topic and they all managed to come up with some delicious choices that I somehow forgot about! Links are in my post 🙂 Also, after forgetting about it last week, I put up TBR Thursday #3


The giveaway for The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone has ended. The winner is the lovely Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books! I was happy to see that another blogger won the giveaway! Her blog is so wonderful I hope you can check it out! And thanks again to The Hachette Book Group Canada and Little Brown for doing this giveaway!


There are a few other posts I couldn’t link as they were publishing after I wrote this post. I’m hoping to be back to business as usual next week! Hope your weekend is full of reading, rest, and relaxation!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Hi Shanah, great week! I tagged you (again LOL) but of course this is not mandatory LOL http://bewareofthereader.com/?p=1703

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