Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was great! Beautiful weather, good food, and time spent outside with the family. Our pool is 80 degrees now – which is still about 10 degrees colder than I like (I’m sad I know!) but it’s so much fun now that my little one isn’t so afraid of the water.

With the craziness of summer about to begin, I’ve been trying to think of ways to balance running 2 businesses, kids, house duties, reading and blogging. And it’s already proving to be a big struggle. I’m keeping up for now but I may be on the verge of a burn out shortly. I originally wanted to cut down to blogging only a few days a week – and that may still happen. But for now I’m trying to think of different ways to keep active that aren’t too heavy. Something light that doesn’t take long to post AND doesn’t take long for my readers to read! This will require some serious thought and planning and I’m really hoping to make it work. If you have any suggestions I’m open to them!!

So today I wanted to just say hello! And to show you what my morning is looking like. This is my collection of things I’ve been using this morning to keep up with myself and with blogging…..


COFFEE! And lots of it! This stuff is my life source. If there’s ever a shortage on coffee I will become some strange sort of a human/zombie hybrid. I would say that I would be unstoppable but, who am I kidding? I wouldn’t be able to move or form a proper thought. I painted my nails this morning and only after I finished did I realize the purple matched the cover of the book I’m currently reading. This was not planned – I promise!

And the blogging essentials – computer, bullet journal, and pens. I’ve been updating my posts, what I’ve already written about, and trying to come up with a few new post ideas.

I saw a picture set up like this on Instagram yesterday and it was so beautiful I HAD to try and do it myself…….. it looks nothing like the original picture! LOL I tried – A for effort right??? Right?? No. ok then LOL!!


Hope you are all having a beautiful Monday! What are you currently reading this week?

Until next time, happy reading!