Yes that’s right – I want to be scared. Like sleeping with my lights on scared. Checking under my bed before I go to sleep, forever being careful that not a single toe pokes out from the covers. What can I say – I’m a sucker for punishment looking for a “scare my pants off” read! (BTW – how can one’s pants be scared off? Has there really ever been a time where someone was so scared that their pants fell off? I guess this is a discussion for another day!)

I love horror movies and always have. For some reason I enjoy being terrified and Insidious was one that literally had me too scared to move from the couch. I sat there too afraid that I would stir what was watching me from the shadows. It didn’t help that I watched it alone at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. But when it comes to books I haven’t found too many that scared me.


A recent one I loved was A Head Full of Ghost by Paul Tremblay. The creep factor was pretty intense at times and I never really had it figured out. What I liked most about it was it was very descriptive. When books set things up to create mystery but never follow through with a description or a reason – I don’t find that scary. I find it annoying. Like the book Bird Box by Josh Malerman. The book was ok, but it never once explained what was out there and attacking people. I knew that these people needed to be scared but I didn’t know exactly why and what of. I need details!!

Bird box

So here’s where you come in! Do you have any books you could recommend that scared the crap out of you? The horror genre is one that I’ve wanted to get into for so long but I honestly don’t know where to start. I always end up finding the books that are vague and don’t give me the creeps. Please help me figure out where to start?

Until next time, happy reading!