Wow! That week just flew by! I was so busy working, doing stuff with the kids and so much more – it made me realize that preparation will be everything when it comes to keeping up with blogging this summer. I spent most of my time setting ideas in my head and getting a head start on some posts. But I did get some reading done! So let’s get into that……


Flame in the mist

FLAME IN THE MIST <—– (Full Review)

I wanted to love this one! I had been anticipating it for months on end but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I still love Renee Ahdieh and her first series is one of my favourites (that I really need to reread!), but I’m not sure that I’ll continue with this one.


WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI – I will be finishing this one tonight and it is everything I hoped for! I can’t wait to write the review for this one. I honestly don’t think that I’ve smiled so much while reading a book. These characters are just so great and have just the right amount of sweet and salty! Look for the review of this one on Monday 🙂

CLAIMING ADDISON – I don’t read a ton of romance/erotic books but every once in a while they’re great as a reset. I’m not that far into this one (maybe about 25%) and it’s good so far. I haven’t gotten to any seriously steamy parts but it’s going to happen soon!



This weeks topic was the Top 5 books that made me cry. It was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever put out there. It covered 2 books that hit me so personally and I totally cried while writing the post! Maybe not as much as I did while reading these books though! I think it’s amazing that the written word can invoke so much emotions. Books are a powerful thing! Also, I released the Upcoming top 5 Tuesday topics for June! I really do hope that you will like these topics and maybe even join in with a list of your own!


Something strange is going on here…. I love discussion posts! I love the bloggers point of view and I love reading the comments that follow. So many different perspectives make me think and reconsider things. But I’m always so afraid to post them! I have a hard time explaining myself and choosing the right words to convey my feelings. So one of these days I’m going to offend someone without the intention to do so. So for me to do not 1 but 2 posts in a single week is unheard of! The first was Reading Challenges – motivation or intimidation? and the second one just yesterday was a discussion on whether or not there is too much pressure on authors to produce. I think that maybe Mikaela over at The Well Thumbed Reader is starting to rub off on me! She does so many discussion posts that just get my hamster wheels turning! Please check her blog out if you haven’t already!


This week I finally started my new weekly blog feature – TBR Thursday! I wasn’t sure how this would go over but it went really well! Maybe a little too well….. after posting that list I had so many people raving about a few of these books! They loved them so much and were so excited to talk about them. I wasn’t planning on reading these any time soon originally but, because of your excitement, they might get moved up on my TBR list!

So! Wow that was technically a busier blogging week than I thought! I was having such a great time talking to so many fellow bloggers this week it didn’t fell like I was getting overwhelmed at all. The blogging community is just such a great place with so many amazing people. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and conversations!!

Until next time, happy reading!