It’s rare for me to post more than once a day, but this has been a week of proud mommy moments in reading!

Earlier this week my 11 year old daughter came home and asked if she could have her library card so she could go to the library with a friend – ABSOLUTELY you can! She’s almost 12 and we live in a small town so we’re just starting to allow her to go places with her friends. This is a stressful decision for me and my husband, but she’s a very smart and responsible girl so we aren’t worried about her decisions. But when she asked if she could go to the library instead of to the store or the park I was so excited! She came home with a small chapter book and finished half of it as soon as she got home.

Then today, I went to the library to find something for myself when I stumbled across Robert Munsch’s Andrews Loose Tooth. My son is about to lose his second tooth and he’s still terrified, so I thought this would shed some humour on the situation. As soon as he came home he got so excited that he jumped up and down – literally!! He grabbed a blanket and a pillow, stole my spot on the couch, and immediately got to reading. He finished the whole thing with very little help from me then asked if he could have his own bookmark – ABSOLUTELY you can!!

I’m a proud mommy all around in the reading world today!