I had a post planned for today about summertime books and maybe even a new meme! I was so excited to announce it and ask for your opinions. I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustrations in my personal life over the last 2 weeks and I just needed something happy, you know?

But, as you can see from the title, happy may need to wait……..

I’ve been having non stop problems with WordPress for over a week now. PROBLEM 1 – I mainly use the app to check all the blogs I follow. It’s just easier to like and comment, not to mention keep track of. But now I’m finding out that not all the blog posts were showing up! I went through the reader the other day trying to find a specific post and the  orange stars that show up when I like something was missing……. because I never even saw it!!! So if you’ve tagged me in a post and I haven’t responded then, chances are, THE READER ATE IT

PROBLEM 2 – Comments – where are they going? A few people have sent me messages apologizing that my comment made it to their spam folder. I quickly checked my spam folder and, yup, you guessed it, there was comments in there from people I talk to all the time and have already approved!! So I approve them yet again and ***POOF*** they’re gone….. just gone. I went back into the posts they commented on and they weren’t there. Not in the spam folder any more either……. so if I haven’t liked or responded to your comment, THE SPAM FOLDER ATE IT

PROBLEM 3 – So apparently my theme is the same but now it’s showing the entire post in the main page!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?! I had it set up (on Baskerville theme) so that on the main home page you could see the picture and a short description. Every box was relatively close to the same size and it just looked simple, it was easy to figure out what you were looking at, and not congested. Now…. I don’t even know. The settings are still the same – meaning it’s set to show only the post excerpt and NOT the full post. I’ve literally changed nothing. But now this is happening.

Point is, it’s now over an hour from when I sat down to write this post and I haven’t even started to write what I had planned to. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there something I can do (other than throw my computer at a wall and throw a temper tantrum)? I’m at a loss….

*** EDIT ***

So I ended up contacting support for the issue and they resolved it VERY quickly! My first time ever dealing with WordPress support and I have to say that I’m impressed at their speed to look into the issue. The excerpts are back! I’m going to have to make a list of blogs that aren’t showing up in my reader and see if they can investigate it though. So for one, one issue is resolved!