Weekly wrap up May 7 – 13

It was a great week for books! After finishing A Court of Wings and Ruin I fully expected a book hangover of epic proportions. Luckily that didn’t happen. When I finished book 2 in the series last year it almost ruined books for me for months! Thankfully I was able to get right back into the reading game and finished two books this week


Across The Universe <—– (Full review) This had come highly recommended from other science fiction lovers and it was a pretty decent read. The plot had originally been compared to the movie Passengers but I only found a few similarities between the two. I mostly found myself comparing it to The Giver. While I found it entertaining, I wasn’t able to connect with it the way that I hoped. I gave this one 3.5 stars.

The Hate You Give <—– (Full review) This book. I mean – THIS BOOK!!! The excitement I felt going into it didn’t give it justice – it was just that good! I honestly felt self conscious of writing my review because I knew there was no way to properly convey my love and feeling about this book. If there was ever a book I would recommend to literally everyone, this is it!


Starflight by Melissa Landers – I’m just over 250 pages into this one and it’s quite entertaining!! Convicts, space pirates, space weddings, elaborate escapes, and unexpected friends and families – and that’s only in the first 250 pages!! This is such a great, FUN, and adventurous book to reset myself! Just what I needed

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – YES – IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! I’ve had pretty much everyone in the bookish world (and in my real home life as well) literally screaming at me to read this! Everyone who reads it praises it to no end and claims that you fall down The Outlander Hole (which I suppose is like the Scottish romantic time travel type of a Twilight Zone??) I’m only about 100 pages in and i’m not obsessed yet. People have told me that it picks up around page 200 when it gets more into Jamie’s story. I’m looking forward to be able to gush with the rest of you who’ve read it!



I do enjoy doing book tags now and again. But this week I actually published two tags! First was The Zombie Apocalypse Tag which was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had doing a tag! Some of the outcomes were spot on while others were hilarious! I need to find more tags like this!! Then there was The Disney Princess Tag which left me thinking “Geez that’s a lot of Princesses!” But it was also fun to do!


As usual I continued with my weekly Top 5 Tuesday post. This week was my Top 5 underrated books. I hope that some of these books get discovered so they can get the hype they deserve. If you want to take part in this weekly feature, click on the link and you will be directed where to find upcoming topics. Next week is the Top 10 series I love!

And lastly – today is mothers day! Happy mothers day to all the moms out there! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! To honour all the moms out there I did a post about Mothers in books. What I failed to remember was one of the most important mothers in books – MRS. WEASLEY!!! I am a sorry excuse for a Harry Potter fan! I now feel like I’ve failed you, Mrs. Weasley. One of the most amazing mothers in the history of the printed word and I forgot her. So here’s you you Mrs Weasley!!! I hope you can forgive me…..

Mrs Weasley

I hope you had a fantastic week and enjoy your mothers day!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. ignitedmoth says:

    That’s awesome that you’re currently reading Outlander. I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on it once you’ve finished. I absolutely love the show, and the books are on my TBR list because I just love the characters. Well, most of them anyway. 😉 The ones I don’t love I seem to hate with the fire of a thousand suns. lol There seems to be little middle ground. 😛
    My best friend is reading the series, but since we started off with the show she’s reading each book after she’s watched the corresponding season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah there really doesn’t seem to be an i between with all these characters! I have the first 2 seasons on DVD and plan to watch them as I read the books. Should be an interesting way to do this lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like I need to read Hate U Give 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I didn’t know Starflight was like that! I really want to read it now!
    And I wanted to start Outlander as well but it’s SO. LONG. I’m a bit intimidated by it to be honest hahaha
    Nooooo you forgot Mrs. Weasley?? How?? She’s so nice, though, I’m sure she’ll forgive you 😉
    Great post, once again! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Starflight was a big surprise! I only have 40 pages left and it’s been a joy to read. I didn’t think I would like it so when it was released I didn’t pick it up. But it’s been a really great and adventurous book to kind of reset myself. Not too heavy, not too light, lots of action and just FUN! I have about 40 pages left and will finish it tonight. Review to be posted Wednesday 🙂
      I’m reading the ebook version of Outlander. It doesn’t show the page numbers so I can’t get scared off by the size!!! Lol


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