Such a simple thing – a bookmark. It’s something we might not put a lot of thought into sometimes, but it’s an essential part to every bookworms life. They keep our place as we pause our reading adventures to resume our normal lives. They give us something to hold on to during emotionally gripping times in a story. They give us something to fidget with as we get to a worrisome part of a novel. And they give us something to look for when it’s 2am and we kept saying “just one more chapter” until we ended up finishing the book.

So my question for you today is – what type of bookmark do you use? There are so many options now! Magnetic, wide laminated paper, corner markers, page clips, thin metal with charms – the list goes on!

I’ve tried every type of bookmark out there. The corner markers didn’t work for me as I’m always moving around with my books and it would slip off the pages. Page clips look nice but no matter how they were made they always wrinkled or dented the pages, so no thanks. Magnetic I love but they’re usually on the smaller side and I always lose them. Not to mention the fact that I play with them constantly – sticking the magnets together to  hear them snap. I basically open and close them the entire time I’m reading so the paper gives out and it rips in half.

There are two other methods of marking your page and these people get called Monsters. There’s the person that lays the book open and flat on the table which in turn cracks the spine…. eeeep!! If there’s one thing I refuse to do to a book it’s intentionally cracking the spine! And then there’s the corner folder. Once again I would never intentionally fold my pages. BUT! If you are one of these people then go ahead! I don’t think you’re a monster. It’s your book to do with as you please. So in my opinion, monster, you are NOT!

I prefer the thick laminated cardstock ones. They’re thick enough that I don’t bend them and I love the tassels and beads attached to them. Also, when I’m reading books with smaller font, I use it to help my eyes keep track of which line I’m on. I don’t need reading glasses quite yet but sometimes when that font is small all the lines seem to get a little closer.

I was going to take a picture of some of my favourite bookmarks but they’re hiding in partially read books all over my shelf. So the next time I want to go on an impossible easter egg hunt, I’ll have to search my shelves for the missing bookmarks! That could take hours lol!!

How do you mark your pages??

Until next time, happy reading!