Before I even get into this list, I realize that these opinions could be very unpopular! But please remember that these are books that I don’t plan to read but I’m not swearing off of them completely. I could pick them up later on down the road. My reading tastes are always changing and evolving so I may become interested in them later. But, for right now, I don’t plan to pick any of these up. And please remember that these are my opinions alone! I’m not saying that any of these are bad books!!!! So if any of these are your favourite I’m not meaning any offence!!

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Top 5 Tuesday


Red queen series

THE RED QUEEN SERIES by Victoria Aveyard

WHY I DON’T PLAN TO READ IT –  The girl living in poverty thinking nothing will ever change for her, then all of a sudden she realizes she has powers, there’s a resistance, guards….. let me stop now. Basically, this series has all the tropes that I’ve had enough of. I don’t feel as though there’s anything unique about this series that’s drawing my attention. I’m just over it. Not to mention others who have similar taste in books as my own have said that they were really disappointed in these. I’m not saying these are bad books by any means, they just don’t call out to me personally. I’m also not a fan of the covers at all. Sorry!



WHY I DON’T PLAN TO READ IT – I read the Six of Crows duology and LOVED it!! The characters were so relatable, the plot was so unique, and – KAZ!!! He is hands down one of my favourite characters of all time! He’s willing to make himself look like the bad guy in order to protect his group of misfits. He has a master plan for every outcome that no one knows whats happening until the dust settles. I picked up Six of Crows before I even realized that it was “related” to the Grisha trilogy and I don’t find that it ever really impacted my enjoyment of Six of Crows. I was never confused and I felt that her world building throughout Six was complete enough that I don’t need to go backwards and read the Grisha trilogy. I know that they’re only really set in the same universe and not really related at all, but I just don’t feel drawn into the series at all.

History is all you left me.jpg


WHY I DON’T PLAN TO READ IT – I’m on the fence with this one. I read More Happy Than Not by the same author last summer and I enjoyed it at the time I read it. But the more I’ve thought about it since, I’m not sure that his writing is for me. I didn’t relate to it emotionally as much as I wanted to and I feel a little too old for the story. This one does sound like it would be a little easier to relate to than his other book, but I still don’t know that it’s something I would put high up on my to read list. I’m not a huge fan of YA contemporary to begin with so that doesn’t help!! I may pick it up in audiobook form later if it’s available, but as I said, I don’t see myself seeking it out. The message does sound important though!!!

Lord of shadows.jpg

LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra Clare

WHY I DON’T PLAN TO READ IT – Yes, you’re yelling at me through your screen right now – I’m sorry!! I’ve read all the Mortal Instruments series and liked it, and the Infernal Devices series is one of my all time favourites, but Lady Midnight was a big disappointment for me. I struggled SOOO hard to make it through that book. It’s the same unattainable love, who to trust, shadow hunter plot line and I just can’t do it anymore! I’ve outgrown this series and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to it. But will I reread the Infernal Devices trilogy again – YES!! And hopefully soon!!


GEEKERELLA by Ashley Poston

WHY I DON’T PLAN TO READ IT – Please don’t unfollow me for this one! I have no desire to read this whatsoever. I get it – it sounds cute – but it also sounds like it’s trying to cash in on everything popular in YA books at the current moment. Geek love, a retelling, conventions, romance, nerd culture, fandoms and more. I’m a total geek so it reaches out to me on a certain level. I was bullied for years because I wouldn’t fit inside the “normal” box. And these characters even sound like they could be friends of mine. But I don’t want to read about it. Like I said, this book does sound adorable and cute, but it just doesn’t sound like the right book for me – I feel like I’m waaaayyy too old for it!!


If you’re still reading this then you haven’t thrown your phone or computer in anger. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! There are just so many amazing books out there in the world and too little time to read them. Some books jump out and grab your attention, and some you need to put aside. Like I said, I’m not going to say that I’ll NEVER read these, but they won’t be happening any time soon!!

Are there any popular books you don’t plan on reading?? I’m curious if there are other unpopular opinions out there!

Until next time, happy reading!