My fangirl heart is literally exploding with joy right now!!! I got an email a few days ago telling me that my preorder had shipped. Strange I thought. This must be a mistake. Release date is May 2 so why am I getting an email now? But low and behold, I received a package in the mail containing this beauty!!!! I waited until the mail lady was out of my line of sight before I literally danced in my front yard… yes I was stalking her, don’t judge!

I planned a reread of ACOTAR and ACOMAF. I was going to finish book two around the time my preorder came in. I’m only about 150 pages into ACOMAF right now so this is going to push me to speed read like I’ve never read before. And sleep? Meh who needs it?? I know I will be getting very little sleep over the next few days!

I ordered the Chapters Indigo exclusive edition which included fan art end pages and they are SO beautiful! Whoever made these is seriously talented. They look just how I pictured them!

ACOWAR fan art 1

ACOWAR fan art 2

And, in true Sarah J Maas fashion, there is also art on top of all the chapter headings. It’s simple, elegant and beautiful!

ACOWAR chapter header

Did anyone else get their copy early? I’m so confused why it’s in my hands but I’m not complaining! Months of waiting and it’s finally in my hands. Thanks Chapters Indigo for making this bookworms day SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

Until next time, happy reading!