This is an ongoing discussion in the book community and no one can seem to decide! Opinions seem to be strongly yes, or strongly no, but rarely in between. So I ask you this question:

Do you think that audiobooks count as a book read towards your Goodreads reading goal?

I, for some strange reason, am obsessed with this discussion. I can understand the reasoning behind each of the sides, but I am very much on the side that believes that YES they count. Some people say that because the person is not physically reading the book it doesn’t count. Others say that you can’t possibly multitask while reading a physical book, so the fact that you can do other things while “reading” makes it void. Some even say – “It’s cheating.” That having the book read to you means you technically didn’t read the book so it’s not possible to count it as a book “read.”

Yes, these are valid points, and I do understand how someone could feel this way. And it’s not my goal to change your mind or tell you that you’re wrong for thinking this way! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you don’t believe they count it then that’s fine. My goal with this post is to share my opinion and hear the thoughts of others, even if they don’t agree with me! Discussions are what make you see things in a different light and I love that about the blogging community!



  • Even though I may not have the physical book in hand, I am still getting every single word out of the story. It may not be the voice inside my head that I’m hearing, but at least I am able to listen to the words the author wrote. I look at “read” books on Goodreads as a form of consumption. I’m still consuming the book, just in a different way.
  • A good point made from the “no” side of camp is that you go through a book faster when you listen to it opposed to reading it physically. This may be the case for some, but it actually takes me longer (MUCH longer sometimes) to make it through an audiobook opposed to reading. Some audiobooks can be well over 10 hours in length but it would take me close to half the time if I was reading it physically. So in reality I actually read less when I’m listening to a book.
  • This point kind of goes with the first one – regardless of how I’m consuming the book, I’m still spending time on it and that should count as something, right?



Though I may be on “Camp-yes-they-count” now, I used to be on Camp No. My own opinions of audiobooks didn’t change until last summer. I used to HATE them and felt that it wasn’t really reading unless you held the book. But a friend of mine last summer suggested that I listen to a particular book because she really loved the way it was narrated. I had tried to listen to audiobooks so many times before but it annoyed me and I couldn’t get attached to the the readers voice. I don’t remember what book it was but it changed the game for me. I work from home and spend hours sitting at a table packaging our products, not needing to talk to anyone. I’m not much for TV so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to work and listen to a book. Now I feel like I’m keeping up with my reading while also being more productive! I used to think that listening opposed to reading took away from the experience, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I actually quite enjoy it! So if you don’t like audiobooks now – keep trying!



Oh how I love the Overdrive app! I found out about it through my local library and I am forever grateful that the librarian gave me the info! If your library is a part of this then I highly suggest to check it out!


Once you download the app, you use your library card to sign in. Both audiobooks and ebooks are available and you check them out just as you would a library book. Even though they are digital files, they are not unlimited, so there is still a chance that the title won’t be available immediately, but placing holds is really easy! The great thing about placing holds is that it will download automatically, notify you when it’s ready, and even tell you how many people are ahead of you in the line. But what sold me about this app is that you can download the files to your phone so if you’re out you don’t need Wi-Fi and it won’t use your data! You also don’t have to worry about returning the files as it does it automatically. You can return early once you’re done though. This app also gives you great search options! You can search for a specific author or book, ebooks or audiobooks specifically, as well as titles that are available immediately if you don’t want to wait.


Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you have a favourite? How do you listen to them? Always the curious reader 🙂

Until next time, happy reading!