Last week I made a post about tracking your reading progress that included a couple quick pictures of my bookish bullet journal. I got so many comments and messages about it throughout all my platforms that I decided to move this post up in my schedule.

I’ve always been a huge planner and list maker. Basically, I can’t survive a day without multiple lists laying around the house! I know I’m not alone in this either. There are so many people I’ve talked to who make lists for everything and prefer a physical day planner to write down all their tasks. I’ve tried to use my phone to document everything but that didn’t last more than a week. Here’s why lists work for me (ok…. i’m making a list about lists… I think I’ve reached an all time low…. or all time high….. depending on how we look at this!):

  • I like the satisfaction of crossing things off when I’ve completed them.
  • If it doesn’t get written down, I won’t remember that it needs to be done
  • Sometimes things are scheduled months in advance and if it’s not written down I guarantee I would miss it – appointment cards are just too easily lost!
  • The act of physically writing something down helps it to stick in my mind
  • I get the chance to be creative and doodle!

I only found out a few years ago that Bullet Journalling was a “thing”. I then fell down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and spent countless hours drooling over the many gorgeous pictures of other people journals. I made MANY attempts at journalling and each time I failed. I now know why. I was trying to duplicate this beautiful pages with wonderful handwriting that were so full of organization and colour. Each time I attempted I was reminded how strongly I failed as none of mine looked like theirs. I have thrown out so many notebooks and ripped out countless pages. It took me way too long to realize that bullet journalling is, 100%, a personal thing! The layout needs to be something that works for you and STOP comparing your handwriting and design with others!

I have included most of my pictures in this post but some I didn’t for private reasons. I also have many pictures of post ideas that I want to keep private as I worked hard on those thoughts and don’t want them out until I post them πŸ™‚ There are also a few pages of blog stats that are boring so I won’t include them.


This is my actual journal. It’s a special edition Harry Potter Marauders Map moleskine. My mom bought it for me for christmas – she knows me so well!

These are my books read pages. There were more for 2016 but those pages are unfinished so I won’t post them. There is still a ton of space in this book and it may take me forever to fill it, so I’m planning on maybe doing some more detail about the books I’ve read including the title, author, pages, star rating, and quick thoughts.

These are my blog specific pages. I do a calendar each month with my posts to keep track. I add the title of the post and the type of post it is. There are pages behind it which I keep track of monthly stats, post views, followers and more. It makes it easy for me to see what posts i’ve done and what posts are working for me. It also makes it easy to plan ahead! I added one blog post ideas page but there are a few others, including top 5 Tuesday ideas. I leave a box at the beginning of each and colour it in when i’ve completed it.

Lastly I’ve included a couple of doodles! I plan on doing more but haven’t gotten around to it. I also plan on adding some book quotes and maybe some fan art (gasp!) at a later date. I will be doing an update post about my journal every few months so expect to see more later!


*** Like I said above – don’t compare! Comparing your book to others will only set yourself up for failure – I speak from experience.

*** Find a journal you LOVE! That way you will be more motivated to keep at it and not rip out the pages!

*** PRACTICE! Before you put pen to paper, practice on a piece of loose paper outside of your journal. That way you can see if you like the design before you put it in your journal and then can’t erase it.

*** Plan your layout! I can’t stress this one enough! Part of my problem is that I would add in pages and then find that I didn’t have enough space to put things in linear order. I would end up adding things down the line and I was constantly flipping back 10 or so pages to find something. It can get really annoying. So leave some pages blank in between. That way you will have the space to add things if you need to. Later on down the line, if you haven’t filled those pages, you can always add in pictures, book quotes, or doodles. It’s better to be prepared than to regret not having space!

*** Change up your handwriting! Everyone else seems to like my regular hand writing except for me. I started off with my regular handwriting then started practicing writing in a different style on loose paper. Now I love it! It’s even smaller so I can fit more words in small spaces and it looks unique, even to me.

*** Invest in washi tape! My original goal with this journal was to hand draw all of the different designs throughout the book. But in reality I didn’t have time for that! So washi tape will be your best friend when it comes to quick pops of colour in a little amount of time.

I hope this post helps you out in your own bullet journalling adventure. Once I finally settled on something that worked for me I’ve found this book to be my companion and life saver. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help! Also, if you have any suggestions on things I can include I would forever be grateful!

Until next time, happy reading!