Out of curiosity – how do you all track your reading progress? I only started using Goodreads on a consistent basis about three years ago. Before then I had downloaded and deleted the app more times than I could count. It seemed to take me forever to understand and appreciate it but now, it’s become a slight obsession. (By the way – be friends with me here!)Β I can’t read a book without adding it to my “currently reading” shelf so I can watch the percentages move as I read through the book. I also really like that it tracks what I’ve read and I can look back to see the date I finished it as well as how long it took to read it. More recently, thanks to a Books Amino member, I realized that if you’re on your Goodreads account on the computer you can see not only the books you’ve read through the year, but you can see the amount of pages read as well. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know that my goal this year is to read a certain amount of pages over a certain amount of books. I felt myself gravitating towards smaller books so that my book count could be higher. That’s not fair to myself at all! Last year I missed out on so many great books because of their size. I am reading some shorter books this year but the 500+ page books no longer scare me and I actually look forward to them!

But aside from Goodreads (if you use it) do you track your reading process any other way? I know some people choose to have a notebook where they write down the title, number of pages, date started, date finished, and more. I tried this but ended up forgetting to write it all down when I was done.

I’ve also heard a few people talking about an app that will even track how long it takes you in hours/minutes to finish a book! It sounded so interesting and now I can’t remember the name of the app for the life of me. I guess when you start reading you hit the timer on the app and then stop it when you stop reading. But there are two problems with using that app. First, I would pretty much always forget to stop the timer so it would Β end up telling me that it took me 100+ hours to finish it. Also, I was told, that the first 5 book entries are free and then you need to pay for each book afterwards. I would go broke with this.

I searched “tracking your reading” in the Apple app store. Just a few of the options that popped up were Bookshelf, Bookling, and Reading List. All three seemed to have the same function function as Goodreads but Bookling was one I was most attracted to. I liked the design and the function was very close to Goodreads. You could track your pages read and it would tell you your percentages. You could set notifications and reading goals and it would even give you achievements. The cost was a one time fee of 1.39$ (I believe it’s one time), but I haven’t tried this yet. I really like being able to talk with other people in the Goodreads community and I’m not sure if that’s available on this app.

Aside from all those things I do keep track of the books I’ve read throughout the year in my bookish bullet journal. For christmas I got a beautiful Harry Potter Marauders Map moleskin journal and what better to fill it with other than everything related to books?! I plan on doing a post dedicated to what’s inside my bullet journal soon! This book has become my life source when it comes to blogging! I keep tracks of my posts, Β random blog post ideas, top 5 Tuesday topics, monthly information, books read and more. Here is a sneak peek of two of my pages where I’ve kept track of books read:

So how do you keep track of your books and pages? I’m always looking for more fun and interesting ways! Can’t wait to hear some of your ideas πŸ™‚

Until next time, happy reading!