So I haven’t been reading much lately. We had a loss in the family over the weekend and I’ve been in a sad mood not able to focus. Since I don’t see a book review coming in the near future, I thought I would do a fun post talking about books I assumed I wouldn’t like!

Yes, this is exactly the type of post where I admit that I have judged a book by it’s cover! Though my dislike of certain covers doesn’t stop me from eventually reading them, it will usually delay me from picking it up until I’ve had the chance to read reviews. A few other books, after reading the synopsis, I rolled my eyes or found something annoying. When you first hear about a book you’re not alway going to be immediately drawn in. Here are some books I thought I wouldn’t like and why:


This is a classic example of me judging a book by its cover. A red high heel almost ruined this series for me. I saw this book long before I got into watching BookTube and looking for reviews on blogs. All I saw was a shiny red high heel that screamed GIRLY. Nope. Not going to happen. Every time I saw this cover I was annoyed. But then Book Tube happened and I quickly realized that this wasn’t girly at all! It was about a cyborg girl kicking ass. So I gave the first book a try and within months I read the whole series. Do I still hate this cover? Yes. I don’t think that it fits really. I understand that this is a Cinderella retelling so a solitary shoe with a cyborg leg inside works. But somehow this cover still doesn’t work for me.


I read this one shortly after it was announced that Matt Damon would be starring in the movie. I figured that if he’s in it then it MUST be good. But I still thought I would hate it. This was before my big push to read more science fiction and I thought this would go right over my head. I figured it would be nothing but factual and technical speak and would bore me to death. Turned out it was absolutely hilarious and explained in such a way that I felt like I myself was a Rocket Man – well, Rocket Woman. Mark Watney is a character that I loved so completely and still frequently think of him as if he actually exists.


When I saw that the first book in this series was being released I was literally angry with this cover. I don’t know why. I still don’t like it but my anger has gotten a little more under control. Me admitting that I didn’t want to read this book is an easier way of saying that I originally swore that I would never read a Sarah J Maas book. Yes I actually swore that at one time. The first Throne of Glass cover was also atrocious so I was really put off by her books. Also there have been many young teenagers roughly my daughters age reading these and all I kept thinking was “What could these books have that would interest a tween and a 30 something simultaneously?” The answer – everything!


Everything, Everything about this book sounded so boring and predictable. Girl stuck in house, in moves cute boy next door, girl sees his eyes and immediately falls in love, but for some reason he is unattainable. But this cover was just so beautiful I had to have it, regardless if the book wasn’t good. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really loved it and the authors writing.


How about you? Are there any books you assumed you wouldn’t like but then ended up loving it?

Until next time, happy reading!