I didn’t expect to get this many books this month! I’m sure all of us say that every month – so you understand and I don’t need to feel bad! I ended up getting 8 in total but I only purchased three of them so I can’t feel so guilty. There are a ton of amazing new releases coming out so I’m trying to conserve so that I can splurge later on. Here are the books I got this month:


I already had Sins of Empire, but the three books on the bottom are the Powder Mage trilogy. They are the three books that take place 10 years before Sins of Empire takes place. It will be an interesting way to tackle these – I read the sequel FIRST so now I get to read the originals as a prequel! I started reading Promise of Blood last week but had to set it aside for an ARC – strangely enough, what I assumed happened in relationships before sins of empire weren’t even close! I expected that I would see Taniel and Vlora together and happy….. nope I guess not! LOL

Penguin book haul 1

A big reason why I got more books than expected was that I was accepted as an ARC reader for Penguin Random House Canada, and these are the first books that were sent to me. First was You’re Welcome Universe which I ended up absolutely falling in love with! The main character was just so real and the perspective of a deaf character was so unique. CLICK HERE FOR MY FULL REVIEW. Next is Anna and the Swallow man. It’s a WWII historical fiction following a young girl after her father was taken away to a death camp. I wanted so badly to love this but something just didn’t click with me. HERE IS MY REVIEW

The tea girl of hummingbird lane

Next is The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See. I actually won this in a Goodreads giveaway which shocked the crap out of me! I had only been entering those giveaways for years and I finally won something. Most amazing thing was that it was an ARC but I didn’t get the book until the day it was released. Sad thing – there was a sticker on the cover and when I went to take it off the cover ripped!! If you’ve seen a printed ARC the covers and pages are sometimes super thin so the sticker was bound to do some damage. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now lol

End of day:Unlikelies

And lastly, these two beautiful ARC’s from Hachette Book Group Canada (Redhook and Little Brown). I’m almost finished with The End of the Day. I’ve heard such amazing things about Claire North. Her ideas are so different. And because the ideas are so different, her writing style is so unique, and the subject matter is so haunting – I may have a hard time reviewing this one. I also got The Unlikelies, which is a contemporary being released in June. I have been in quite the mood for contemporary reads lately and this one looks like a fantastic summer read by the pool!