Before I get into this post I have to ask: Is anyone else having massive issues with WordPress? I had a lengthy discussion post typed up and it just didn’t save…. Poof! Gone! I was too mad that it got lost I didn’t want to do that topic again and went with something a little easier. Also, I’ve read so many posts on blogs that I wanted to comment on and the option just isn’t there! I can’t see other comments and the bar to type in is gone. Hopefully these issues get resolved soon!

It’s nearing the end of March and I wanted to take a step back and have a look at how I’m progressing with my reading goals for this year. I hope to do this every three months. My reading goals aren’t really all that important to me. I set goals so that I have proper motivation to keep going, as I’m a very goal/list oriented person. So far I seem to be ahead of the game! I always read more towards the beginning and end of the year. Winter in Canada is cold and snowy so there isn’t much to do. But spring and summer are a totally different story. I’m so busy balancing work and playing with the kids in nice weather I don’t read as much so I’m glad to be ahead so far. Here’s a recap of my goals and how things are progressing:


My goal for the year is to read 50 books. This is a goal that I know is easily attainable and is probably the least important. I was so focused on reaching my number of books last year that I found myself choosing books that were shorter in length and easier to read. This year I wanted to focus on the amount of pages read (so I could finally get to those big chunky books without being intimidated!) so I set my goal a little lower. As of today I have read 22/50 books. Probably my best start to a year ever! I’m very proud of that number.

READ 33,333 pages

Random number, I know. As I said I wanted to focus more on the number of pages I read this year and FINALLY pick up those 500-800 page books. To reach that goal I calculated that I would need to read just over 91 pages a day. Some days I read only a few pages, some days I read a few hundred. The point is that I’m reading every day and that’s what’s going to get me to this goal in the end. As of right now I’m sitting at 8,614 pages. That puts me just over 1,000 ahead of the game


Done and done! I still can’t believe that I managed to make this one happen! Back in February Stephanie Garber (author of Caraval) and Elly Blake (author of Frostblood) came to Michigan. Authors don’t usually tour around here so I was absolutely elated that this was happening only a few hours from me. It was an experience I will always treasure! click here to see my post about that event!


Unfortunately this one hasn’t happened yet. I still plan on rereading books this year though. In April I will be rereading A Court of Thorns and Roses and the Sequel A Court of Mist and Fury in preparation for the release of the third book in the series. I know that reading these books again may throw me into another serious book hangover, but it will be SO worth it! I need Rhysand in my life again!


I’ve read quite a few hyped up books this year but I’ve also been picking up books that I’ve read about on goodreads and other blogs. I just wanted to discover a little more for myself without always feeling like I need to take recommendations from popular You Tuber’s. I’ve found that over the last few months when I was picking up hyped up books I wasn’t happy with them and they didn’t really suit me personally. I wanted to put a little more thought and research into what I was choosing and make sure every book I picked up was unique and spoke to my interests.

So there’s my quarterly reading update. Things seem to be progressing well but I’m expecting everything to slow down now. It’s just beginning to warm up and soon enough we can play outside, open the pool, have bon fires and enjoy the weather. I’m really looking forward to that right about now! I hope that everyone is meeting their reading goals so far this year as well!!

Until next time, happy reading!