This is a silly question, but one that’s been on my mind a lot lately. How do you choose what you’re going to read next? Are you a mood reader? Do you set a TBR pile and stick to it? There are just so many different types of readers out there and everyone is different.

I personally am a mood reader. I try and set a TBR for the month of just a few books that I’ve really wanted to read lately. I don’t stick to that list for the most part, but it’s a way that I can keep on track of what I want to read, and any series I need to continue or finish. But if I’m not in the mood I WON’T pick it up. If I force myself to read something just because I set it aside then I know I won’t enjoy it as much as I should. Take, for example, Crooked Kingdom. This book came out in September of last year and I looked at it for 6 months. I knew I had to be in the mood for action, plots, plans and cons. If I had read it before I was ready I would have either DNF’d it or enjoyed it less.

But here’s the problem i’m having now – being a mood reader, it’s really hard to figure out which book to read when you don’t know what kind of a mood you’re in! I have a ton of books on my shelves that are unread so there’s no shortage of books or variety of subjects. What I’m experiencing right now is a reverse book slump – I know it’s not a ‘thing’ but I’m going to make it one! Right now I have too much motivation to read and I want to read everything! When choosing what I will read next I pick up a few (lately in my case a few means 15-20) books that I might want to read and I’ll read the first page and see what grabs my attention. It’s not helpful when all 15 scream out “READ ME!”.

face palm.gif

What I’m also experiencing is “series intimidation” (also not a thing but you fellow book lovers will understand). For some strange reason starting a new series, especially large fantasy series, is scaring me. I feel like if I start a new series I will have to continue with it and not be able to pick up anything else until it’s done or caught up. Just irrational! Don’t get me wrong, I love series! I like that you get to continue in a fantastic world with characters I love, but I think that I may have over saturated myself with series last year.

The struggle is real my friends, the struggle is real.

So, my vent is over now, thanks for listening. LOL! I hope you share with me how you choose your next book to read! I’m curious if it’s time to change my strategy. I told a friend on Books Amino (The Other Weasley) that I wish I didn’t get to choose! I wish someone would just throw a book at me and say “read it, like it, and shut up!”………. I’m tired and overworked, can you tell?? Anyways…..

Until next time, happy reading!

** I wrote this a few days before actually publishing it and ended up stuck for a day not being able to decide what to read. Finally, I picked out 5 books I was interested in, brought them over to my husband, and said “Pick one”. I think I may do that more often! It was nice having someone else make the decision for me that had no knowledge of the books! Husband for the win!! Thanks Hubby!