Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Some celebrate this holiday because of their Irish heritage, and some celebrate for the green beer and whiskey, but for whatever reason you celebrate this holiday you have to admit that it’s a little bit of fun and excitement in the dreary month of March.

When I was a kid I assumed that this was a holiday for my dad. We are part Irish, and his name is Patrick so it all made sense to me! What I didn’t understand in my youth was that my father wasn’t a Saint. Well not technically. But he’s an absolute Saint to me and so many other people so I still think this holiday applies!

As I said, I am part Irish. I’m actually a mix of a bunch of different origins, but the Irish is quite predominant in my family. We are all quick to love, like to look to the positive sides of things, realize that family and friends mean everything in the world, appreciate all that we’ve been given, we are all the life of the party, we are loud, can handle (and enjoy) booze, and we are all EXTREMELY passionate. This means all emotions in general but, of course, in true Irish fashion, tempers are included. We are all difficult to push to that edge, but once we’ve been pushed there is no looking back. I also married a man who is Irish so my kids have quite a lot of Irish heritage. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Ireland but if I could choose a destination that would be the one. The country is just gorgeous and there are so many family landmarks I would like to see in person. One day. Some day. I mean look at this view….


Sadly, there aren’t many books that I’ve read that are set in Ireland.The only books that have been set in Ireland are the Irish trilogy (Jewels of the sun, Tears of the moon, Heart of the sea) and the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy (Dark Witch, Shadow Spell, Blood Magick) all by Nora Roberts. These series made me want to visit Ireland so badly it hurt! The way she described the scenery and the people spoke to my heart. Both the landscapes and the people were just so beautiful and reminded me a lot of my own family. If there are any other books set in Ireland that you could recommend, please do! I’d love to take a look at them!

I’m sorry I haven’t had any books to review this week. March break is almost over and hopefully returning to a regular routine will allow me some more reading time, so soon! I’m about 40% through Crooked Kingdoms so that one will be coming next. Until then, here is a picture of some festive green books!

Green books

It’s funny – you see so many colours on your shelves but when you’re looking for one particular colour you realize just how few colours there are sometimes!

Until next time, happy reading!